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ORTO to encourage healthy lifestyle through walking programme in August

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ORTO partners with Active Ager Asia to offer discounted membership and free prawning hours

ORTO is a multi-facility sports and leisure destination paired with a free public access park. The park and facilities cover slightly more than seven football fields and home to Singapore’s largest 24-hour prawning facility and a 100,000 sqft freshwater fishing pond.

For the month of August, ORTO is looking to encourage destination visitors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To do so, they have partnered with health and wellness portal, Active Ager Asia to offer a “walking for rewards” programme.

On 6 August, visitors can sign up for an Active Ager Asia membership at a discounted 20% fee (S$29 instead of S$36) and also receive an additional hour of prawning upon purchase of one hour to be used at the Prawning @ ORTO facility (retail value S$20).

Active Ager Asia will run two Challenges for ORTO visitors in August. Visitors can walk 5,000 steps over two days around the scenic park to win a free one hour prawning voucher worth S$20*. These Challenges will run from 13 – 14 August and 23 – 24 August. Visitors have to register with Active Ager Asia as members to take part in the Challenges.

So go enjoy some fresh air and quality time with your family at ORTO. Parking is free, and the park is both stroller-and wheelchair-friendly. There are many F&B outlets clustered together offer tempting treats including Thai BBQ (Mookata), Thai Grilled Seafood (Aroy Jing Jing), Chinese seafood (Long Jiang Chinos), Singapore and Malaysian favourites (SGMY), local halal food (Taste Garden) and a bar-cum-bistro (Quench!).

*terms and conditions apply for use of vouchers



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