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PastaMania: Savour One Ingredient Two Ways

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This May, enjoy pasta creations centred on the theme “One Ingredient, Two Ways: East versus West” at PastaMania.

Do you like your barramundi served Asian or Western style? Find out which style you prefer with PastaMania’s annual “Chef’s Creations” as they showcase the versatility of ingredients and cuisines in their new East and West inspired menu.

The chefs have transformed four single key ingredients – Mixed Seafood, Barramundi, Chicken, and Banana, into either an Eastern or Western dish, offering families greater variety.

Here are some of the dishes we have tried:

Key Ingredient: Mixed Seafood


Kick off your meal with the Seafood Salad with Japanese Sesame Sauce (East) for something light, refreshing and tasty at the same time. Featuring a combination of mussels, cuttlefish and shrimps tossed in a bed of lettuce, the salad is drizzled with savoury Japanese Sesame Sauce for that oriental touch.

Alternatively, if you’re not a salad person, opt for the Seafood & Mushroom Crostini for starters. Served tapas-style atop slices of toast bread, this dish features a medley of seafood mixed in mayonnaise while another features finely chopped mushrooms and melted cheese. If you aren’t big on mayonnaise, you might prefer the mushrooms and melted cheese crostini over the seafood one.

Verdict: We preferred the Seafood Salad with Japanese Sesame Sauce for its fairly generous amount of seafood, and the savoury Japanese dressing complemented everything well.

Key Ingredient: Barramundi


Taking centre-stage in this year’s menu is the premium Barramundi ingredient, which is both farmed and processed here in Singapore. Reminiscent of the local dish ‘Wok Hei’, the Barramundi Lor Mee (East) features linguine pasta tossed in a delightful charred flavoured gravy. The gravy isn’t as thick or sticky as the local “Lor Mee”, which makes it lighter on the palate; however the sliced barramundi is slightly on the fishier side.

For the Western-style version, opt for the Creamy Pumpkin Barramundi, a traditional fall favourite featuring pasta dressed in a glorious yellow pumpkin gravy. While the creamy texture of the gravy may intimidate at first glance, this dish is not as ‘sinful’ as it looks. Featuring healthy and mildly sweet pumpkin sauce, the barramundi featured here is surprisingly devoid of fishiness.

Verdict: We preferred the Barramundi Lor Mee for its savoury gravy that wasn’t too overbearing. The Creamy Pumpkin Barramundi was great for its healthy, guilt-free sauce but its rich, creamy texture made the dish more appropriate for sharing.

Key Ingredient: Chicken


For a bolder, meatier option, the fiery Szechuan Chicken (East) makes for a spicy dish that lives up to the heat that Chinese cuisine is known for. Another non-cream-based pasta dish that is lighter on the palate, this dish features a mixture of red and green capsicums for added flavour.

The Western-style version, Black Pepper Chicken, is less spicy than its Eastern-style counterpart, and features a more viscous sauce. Featuring a thinner spaghetti pasta, the entire dish is well complemented with the piquant black pepper sauce.

Verdict: We preferred the Black Pepper Chicken version for its delectable black pepper sauce that went well with the chicken meat. It will also work for those who aren’t too good with handling spices.

Key Ingredient: Banana


To end off your meal on a sweet note, PastaMania offers two dessert creations using the well-loved Banana as the key ingredient. Adding a local twist to pancakes, the Gula Melaka Banana Pancake (East) features fluffy and moist banana pancakes with crunchy cinnamon bread cubes, and is topped off with sweet gula melaka syrup and a little vanilla sauce. The warm dessert is served souffle-style, with delicious banana-infused pancakes topped with layers of sliced banana. The gula melaka flavour was not obvious though.

Great for the younger ones, the Caramelised Banana Gelato (West) is served like a parfait, featuring generous layers of whipped cream and chocolate chips on the top,  caramelised bananas, and PastaMania’s own banana flavoured gelato with crunchy bits within. The combination may seem overwhelming but definitely makes for the ultimate banana indulgence with its multiple textures and hint of rose syrup flavour.

Verdict: It’s definitely a tough fight between the two but we chose the Caramelised Banana Gelato as it would add a sweet, icy conclusion to your meal. On top of that, it would make a great dessert for sharing with the entire family.

The “One Ingredient, Two Ways: East versus West” menu is now available at all PastaMania outlets. All appetisers and desserts are priced at SGD 6.90, while ala carte pasta dishes are priced at SGD 11.90. Order the three-course set at SGD 21.90 for the appetiser, pasta and dessert.

For more information, visit their website.



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