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Personal Mobility Devices Will Soon Be allowed On Footpaths

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To enhance accessibility for commuters, a wider variety of personal mobility devices (PMD) will be permitted on pavements.

This new ruling will take effect as early as end 2016, and the PMDs that are permitted on pavements will include bicycles (conventional and electric), kick and electric scooters, hoverboards, unicycles and personal mobility aids such as motorised wheelchairs. To protect users from accidents, restrictions such as their make and speed would apply, depending on the types of device used.

In addition, a nationwide Active Mobility campaign would be launched in April to raise the awareness of the new policies. A new Cyclist Education programme would also be rolled out in schools, community centres and foreign worker dormitories from May 2016. On its part, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) would create an enforcement team to ensure that the new rules are adhered to.

The rules and guidelines that governed the use of personal mobility devices formed part of the recommendations released by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel in March 2016, you can find out more here.




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