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Pillow Made To Measure

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If you have been troubled by constant neck pain and sleepless nights, it might be the current pillow that you are using.

Dr Andrew Macfarlane, the osteopathic and chiropractic doctor who believes in the benefits of a good night’s sleep, developed the Sleep Made To Measure pillow to help people enjoy their deserved comfort. The Sleep Made To Measure pillow is a result of Dr Macfarlane’s practical researches with the sleeping habits of his patients spanning over 30 years.

Sleep Made To Measure pillows are bespoke pillows made from organic latex, a naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial material that has been certified toxic-free and eco-friendly. Its carbon neutrality attributes to biodegradability so we have less to worry about.

Measurements are made by a unique NCi (Neck Compression Index) ruler comprising of both a vertical and horizontal gauge to verify the shoulder width and head length. A simple questionnaire is also taken to understand your sleep position and a weight check to determine the amount of support in terms of density and firmness of the pillow.

The depth and density of the pillow varies according to the data derived from the pre-order questionnaire and the NCi rating, and is designed to cater proper support for your neck and shoulders. Self-measurements can also be taken via the Sleep Made To Measure online platform during the order.

The 60cm by 40cm Pillow Made To Measure (PMM) comes with an inner jersey cover and an outer cotton cover, and can fit into a normal sized case except for the larger customised pillows. Much of the reason I took up the challenge of dumping my memory foam pillow for the PMM was due to the fact that I am a restless sleeper. Memory foams are good at retaining shape over a period of years, but that’s provided if we remain in a constant sleep position. Neck pains and stiff shoulders were inevitably part of the problems faced with all the tossing and turning in bed over the years, and even though there were efforts to try out a range of memory foams along the way, things didn’t get better until the opportunity to review the PMM came along.

It turned out to be a massive benefit, and my stiff neck got better within two weeks. I slept at three in the morning and still managed to get up at nine feeling fresh. In less than a span of 30 days the pillow became a part of my life and it is pretty amazing to rediscover a good night’s sleep.

The PMM has the ability to revert into its original state after every sleep. In other words, the pillow conforms its shape to your preferred position when you rest your head down. The PMM feels bouncy and soft to the touch, while ventilation holes reduce heat to keep the pillow cool at all times.

So confident are the manufacturers, there is a money-back guarantee if consumers are not satisfied within the first 30 days after the date of receipt, which is a clear determinant in your purchase decision as you find that perfect pillow for yourself. But chances are, you’ll be so satisfied, you’ll not see the need to return the product.



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