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Prudential Singapore Offers New Community Programme For Low-income Families

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To commemorate its 85th anniversary, Prudential Singapore has recently announced plans to offer financial assistance to low-income families in Singapore to help tide them through health and personal crises.

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited (Prudential Singapore) has recently launched PRUcares – a new community programme developed to provide peace of mind for people in times of crises. Beneficiaries of PRUcares can receive immediate financial support in the event that they are unable to work and lose income due to illness, accidents or death. Fully funded by Prudential Singapore, the programme is offered at no cost to its beneficiaries.

To kick-off the community programme, PRUcares will be made accessible to approximately 300 eligible families under the AWWA Family Service Centre in a one-year pilot programme. The life insurer plans to extend the programme to more low-income families thereafter.

Under PRUcares, each eligible household will be given up to SGD 2,000 annually in the event that an accident or illness causes the family’s breadwinner to lose income for a certain period. In the event that the breadwinner passes away, each family will be offered a death pay-out capped at SGD 10,800 per year. The pay-out will be in the form of both cash and food vouchers.

Low-income families drawing less than SGD 2,000 household income a month, or individuals with a monthly income of less than SGD 650 can also benefit from PRUCares.  Through this programme, Prudential Singapore hopes to be able to provide not just financial assistance, but also to accompany affected families through their journey by providing psychosocial care and counselling to build resilience in them.

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