Rémy Martin Limited Editions by Vincent Leroy

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Rémy Martin partners with Vincent Leroy to create a new series of Limited Editions

Vincent Leroy is a renowned French Kinetic artist and industrial designer. In collaboration with Rémy Martin, Vincent has created Red Ripples. This is is described as a “…Kinetic masterpiece that stands as the inspirational centerpiece for Rémy Martin’s new series of limited editions.”

With Red Ripples, Rémy Martin introduces the “Kinetic Centaur”. This is a combination of the La Maison Rémy Martin emblem and the Kinetic art. Rémy Martin looks to the “Kinetic Centaur” as a representation of the emotions and experience that cognac enthusiasts search for when drinking a Rémy Martin cognac.

Rémy Martin

The Rémy Martin Limited Editions by Vincent Leroy is available in Singapore, exclusively on e-tailer, The Rémy Martin VSOP, CLUB and XO are priced at SGD 148, 168 and 368 respectively.




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