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Review: Jabra Eclipse

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Can this Jabra eclipse the competition in its class? Our writer David Pang tells you more…

The fashionable part about Bluetooth earpieces is the fact that they make talking to yourself look good, and not forgetting the product’s primary purpose which is to make phone conversations safe when driving. And should you be in the market for such a product, you’ll be poised to consider the Jabra Eclipse.

Upon unboxing, apart from the earpiece itself, one can expect to find a charging case, a USB charging cable and three extra EarGels of varying sizes. Before we actually test the product, let us first consider the aesthetics of the Eclipse. In terms of looks and functionality, Jabra touts its new high-end Bluetooth earpiece as its lightest ever, with the product weighing a mere 5.5 grammes. Apart from its weight or rather a lack of it, the Eclipse’s slim profile keeps it unobtrusive when wearing it.

On to performance…

Powering the gadget up is achieved via a palm-sized docking station/charger that is able to give you added hours of talking time. The connection between the earpiece and the charger is done through a pair of tiny magnetic tabs that also helps prevent the earpiece from accidentally detaching itself. Setting the gadget up is simple; all you have to do is download the free Jabra Assist app (for iOS and Android) as well as syncing the gadget with your phone. The application can be used to personalise your usage preferences for the earpiece including an auto-volume control and other options such as pairing and language.

As for usage, one important thing to take note is that the earpiece can only be worn on the right. Also included in the box are four pairs of EarGels of varying sizes that you can swap to attain the perfect fit in your ear. Upon wearing it, one can immediately notice that the earpiece fits snugly on without the need for those antiquated ear hooks; further adding to the deal is the fact that the snugness does help eliminate some of the background noises and hence the sounds emanating from the earpiece feels crisp. However, voice reception at the other end of the line still falls short of perfect because to the recipient, I still sound like I’m on a earpiece. But the technology doesn’t disappoint. The ease of usage means that you can leave the earpiece in the charging case when you are not using it and undock it to receive a call. To end a call, simply place the earpiece back in the charging case.

Now before you start questioning about the product, the Jabra Eclipse does have something more than just buttons. Imbued with touch sensitivity and voice activation, the gadget enables the user to answer and end calls by double-tapping the earpiece or by uttering commands like Answer and Ignore. How’s that for a secret agent-esque style of answering calls? But there’s never a perfect product. Although fancy in design, there’s one drawback in the product’s design; after extended hours of use, my ear started to ache a little due to the snugness of the close-fitting silicon, a double-edged sword to be honest.

To sum things up, there’s something I’ll like to address with regards to the usage of a Bluetooth earpiece. When it comes to usage, we should probably reach a consensus that such products are meant for function rather than form, as such a Bluetooth earpiece should not be worn like a fashion statement. And once we’re able to set aside such perceptions and embrace the evolution of Bluetooth technology, one will start to appreciate the crisp and bassy sound quality of the Jabra Eclipse and the effortlessness of using such products.




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