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Sabi Crush, Chop, Holster and Carafe

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Enjoy Sabi design and functionality when taking supplements and medication

Sabi is focused on redesigning their range of medication and pill management products and bring both design and functionality to their customer. This range has been designed to not only look good but also easy to use and simple to operate.

The Active Age received some samples including the Sabu Crush, Sabi Chop, Sabi Holster and Sabi Carafe. Coming from the same range, the items carry a blue and white theme where the blue accents smartly point towards the correct position to open the item. The pill containers also provide a grip and have lids that are adjusted at angles that make it easier to open. These medical-grade products are all BPA-free and made of antibacterial plastic.

Sabi Carafe


The carafe is an all-in-one pill box and drinking glass. This is a handy tool to keep pills or supplements of any shape and size together with a drinking cup. It can help minimise additional walks to the fridge to top up on water.

Sabi Chop


The Sabi Chop comprises of a round box with a durable plastic blade embedded to the centre of the lid. Users can place a round or lozenge-shaped pill into the centre of the box. By pressing down with the palm on the lid and applying pressure, the pill will be sliced into half. Inside the box, there is a “rubber guard” surrounding the pill to prevent it from moving out of position when the blade comes down.


Since the Sabi Chop uses a plastic blade, users can worry less about rusting metal blades or by getting cut with a rusty metal blade when splitting up their pills.

Sabi Crush


Some people find it hard to swallow pills and prefer to take their medication ground-up and mixed with food or liquids. The Sabi Crush helps by being a 2-in-1 storage case and crusher. The item’s cap has a tear-shaped grip that provides leverage during the crushing and is operated by twisting the cap that gives it strong crushing power. This is a highly portable product that can help users prepare medication on the go, and is small enough to fit into a small bag for added carrying convenience.


Sabi Holster

Sabi holster1

The Sabi Holster is a James Bond-ish pill-holding apparatus that helps the user discretely carry their medication or pills around in their jacket or shirt pocket. The pill holder has a pocket clip that can blend in with most attire and features a central holder that can slide out of the casing to reveal the hidden trove of pills.

All four products are available for purchase online through The Golden Concepts.



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