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SADeaf And Grey Group Singapore Launches App

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SADeaf (Singapore Association for the Deaf) estimates that there are about 500,000 people who suffer from hearing impairments in Singapore.

Together with Grey Group Singapore, SADeaf has developed two mobile applications (apps) to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing groups communicate easier and better with friends and family.

Both apps are built for the Android operating system and are available for free download from the Google Play store from 25 April 2014. An iOS version is expected to be available later in the year.

Hearing Aide

This is an app meant to be used during emergency situations for those hard-of-hearing or deaf.

The app, when activated and left to run in the background, listens to ambient sounds. When it recognises a specific audio signature that means danger, such as a car honking or a fire alarm, the app will warn the user by making the phone vibrate and also send a text notification to the user.

Users can also customise the app by adding other sounds and renaming notification labels to the phone databank according to pre-set criteria.

Hearing Aide_SplashHearing Aide_List

Say It With Signs

This app helps make communicating with a deaf/hard-of-hearing person easier by converting the caller’s speech into sign language which is later displayed on the receiver’s mobile phone screen.

The receiver can reply via text message, which will be sent to the caller as an audio message. This app would be used in situations when the caller is unable to use their mobile to type out messages, for example, when driving or if their hands are otherwise occupied with carrying groceries or packages.

The app requires both caller and receiver to have the app installed and normal data charges apply.

Say it with Signs_landing   Say it with signs_translate




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