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Samsung Launches The NX Mini

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Riding on portability coupled with good looks, the Samsung NX Mini packs many features that might make this the go-to camera of choice for casual, everyday photography. 

For starters, the NX Mini weights only 158g (without lens) and is ultra slim (only 22.5mm). The size and width helps fit into any pocket or bag.  Available in four different colours, users can pick the colour that suits their personal style best.

NX mini_White(5) (1024x683) NX-MINI-9-27MM-Lens_Brown (1024x683) NX-MINI-9-27MM-Lens_Baby Pink (1024x683) NX-MINI-9-27MM-Lens_006_Mint Green (1024x683)

The NX Mini has a 3-inch “Flip up and Touch” display that flips 180 degrees for users to capture self and group portraits. They can look forward to positioning themselves correctly in the frame before taking the photo. With “Wink” shot feature, users won’t even need to use their hands. The camera can detect a user’s wink and take the shot automatically after a two seconds delay. 

NX mini_White(7) (1024x683) NX mini_White(5) (1024x683)

The camera has also made it simpler to transfer the photos taken to your smartphone or tablet for easy viewing or sharing. With “Tag & Go” and an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, the user can pair these devices and the camera to initiate a transfer and even control the NX Mini with the “remote view finder pro”. Other storage options integrated with the NX Mini include uploading pictures directly to online storage locations such as Dropbox and Flickr.

The  NX Mini(White, Pink, Mint Green and Brown) will retail at $649 with the 9-27mm Lens) and come bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, which is valued at US$149. The white NX Mini with only the 9mm Lens will retail at $549.

Samsung will be retailing three lens options for the user including the NX-m 9mm F3.5 ED lens, NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens and the NX-M 17mm F1.8 OIS lens. The 9mm lens is ultra-slim and wide angle and ideal for capturing landscape and self-portraits. The 9-27mm lens is a micro-compact zoom lens that offers a variety of shooting options ranging from wide-angle to telephoto shots. The 17mm lens is for the user looking to achieve the “bokeh” effect, one where the subject is beautifully contrasted against the blurring of the background. 

9mm 9-27mm

The NX Mini is available at all major consumer electronic stores and Samsung Experience Stores.

(All pictures courtesy of Samsung)




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