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Shine On You Crazy Diamond Speakers

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Seven years ago, leading up to Bowers & Wilkins’ 50th anniversary, work on the new 800 Series Diamond was started.

The idea? To push the limits of what is possible from a Hi-Fi loudspeaker through advanced engineering and traditional tuning by ear. Pushing limits isn’t a new concept to the company, who is known for their uncompromising approach engineering and design in equal measures. Striking looks and a slender, modern industrial design will always be a recognisable hallmark of the company’s products.

B&W say that they redesigned their entire manufacturing plant in Worthing specifically for the production of the new series, which featured a great number of changes – 868 component changes to be exact. The ubiquitous Diamond dome tweeter, a B&W trademark, is retained, but the rest of the speaker has been redesigned from scratch: a new Continuum cone replaces the long-standing Kevlar cones in the midrange drivers, a new Aerofoil offers reduced bass distortion, and all integrated in an improved cabinet with a new bracing system, tweeter assembly and Turbine head design.

The 800 Series Diamond (except 800 D3, scheduled for release next year) is available now and starts from S$5,000. Prices vary for colours, and custom colours are also available.

802 D3, from S$19,000

B&W 802

803 D3, from S$15,000

B&W 803


804 D3, from S$8,000

B&W 804

805 D3, from S$5,000

B&W 805



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