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Signs of Being Unhealthy

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Keep an eye on your health by following these symptoms

Evaluate your physical state with the following signs to indicate if you’ve been treating your body well. Adjust your lifestyle and eating habits if you find yourself agreeing with most of the points.

Here are some points that you can use to gauge whether you are unhealthy:

Bad Skin Condition

Your skin quality indicates your health level. Maintaining a nutritious diet helps to cleanse your system and enhance your outer appearance whereas a poor diet leads to breakouts or rashes. The level of sugar consumption affects your insulin that can affect the chances developing acne.

Your skin condition could also be a sign that you’re stressed. Take a break from your hectic schedule and make sure to have sufficient good quality of sleep. Do use appropriate skin care products to prevent other skin disorders.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Sleeping late or waking up too early tends to confuse your internal body clock and compromise your sleep quality. Being overly active or indulging in too much caffeine could be one of the reasons why you are unable to fall asleep at night.

Insufficient rest prevents your body from recuperating fully, which ultimately takes a toll on your work productivity and body.

Tired All the Time

If you have been sleeping well but still wake up feeling tired, the fatigue could be due to your thyroid. Without recharging your body properly, your body gets exhausted easily and increases the chances of you falling ill.

When your immune system is weakened, you will be more prone to other health issues.

You snore more often and louder

An increase in the frequency and volume of your snoring could be linked to sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder. Being obese can result in excessive throat tissue that causes you to snore.

However, snoring can also indicate risks associated with medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Reduce your snoring by going on weight loss program, reduce your alcohol consumption or adjust your sleeping position.

Cracked lips

Your lip condition signifies the levels of vitamin intake. Also known as “cheilitis”, having cracked lips might suggest that your body lack vitamin B, especially vitamin B12. Insufficient replenishment of these vitamins could lead to anemia.

Try to include a wider variety of ingredients in your diet, especially fruits and vegetables that are major sources of vitamins.

Cold and Flu

You might want to consider improving your immune system if you have been constantly falling sick on many occasions.

Doing regular exercise, keeping a balanced diet and practicing good hygiene routines are ways to improve your immune system.

Dark Coloured Urine

A healthy and hydrated person should flush out pale yellow and odourless urine. If you find yours to be dark yellow, your body clearly lacks drinking water.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily enables your body to flush toxins out of your system. Dehydration could result in an increase of blood cholesterol, leading to a higher risk of coronary heart disease.

Change in Body Temperature

A regular temperature ranges between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. If you are always experiencing cold hands or feet,  it could be a sign of cardiovascular and circulation issues where there’s an irregular flow of blood in your system.

Regular exercise and keeping a healthy diet play important roles in maintaining your fitness level and healthy lifestyle. Aim to prevent these symptoms from occurring and don’t wait for it to appear before making an effort to live healthily.



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