SMRT Buses Goes Real Time with NEC Technologies

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NEC Asia Pacific announces the implementation of innovative technologies to improve commuter experience and bus transportation services, as showcased at the Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange.

This collaboration between SMRT Buses Ltd and NEC Asia Pacific leverages on the fusion of technology comprising of the Internet of Things (IoT), video analytics and software-defined networking (SDN) to provide better service to commuters using real-time information.

For the public, you can now enjoy the convenience of tracking bus and train departure times in real time. The temporary bus interchange will also feature bus service traffic footages via the interactive information panels. The Passenger Information System will also include other features such as the bus route, fares and estimated travelling time, map and journey planner; 3-D directory and vicinity location finder, customer feedback and virtual assistance as well as charging of mobile devices.

SMRT Buses believes that the partnership model with NEC provides a suite of user-friendly systems in enhancing the pro-commuter experience for the community and will pave the way for future collaborations.



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