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Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Now Available Island-Wide

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Fancy a cup of Cold Brew coffee to beat the heat? You can now get your fix at all Starbucks stores island-wide.

Coffee lovers will be thrilled to know that they can now enjoy Cold Brew coffee at all Starbucks outlets!

At Starbucks, the Cold Brew Blend coffee is freshly ground, combined with cool water, and slowly steeped from over 10 hours in a Toddy Brewer. Heat is not involved in the extraction of the coffee, but time itself.

And no, Cold Brew Coffee isn’t just a different name for “iced coffee”. At Starbucks, the Cold Brew is brewed in the commercial grade Toddy Cold Brew System, which extracts the natural flavours of the coffee to create a coffee concentrate. After the coffee concentrate is combined with water, the result is an ultra-smooth and naturally sweet cuppa – perfect for those who enjoy less acidity in their iced coffee.SBX20150225_42662.tif

Besides, with many studies suggesting that coffee has its benefits on health such as boosting metabolism, you can be rest assured that a cuppa Starbucks Cold Brew (with no sugar or creamer added) will not do your waistline any harm! With an added boost to your metabolic rate, this means you can sip on the guilt-free beverage and even burn fat at the same time.

The Starbucks Cold Brew is retailing from SGD 4.90 for a tall-sized cup.



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