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Stay Slick With SCHICK

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SCHICK re-launches its Hydro Moisturazor line, with a new additional ingredient, Hyaluronan.

SCHICK presents the new SCHICK Hydro Moisturazor, which features the innovative Gel Reservoir, containing water-activated skin conditioners to give you an effortless glide. The moisturising gel forms a protective hydrating coat which gives you confidence to face the close shaves life throws at you.

The Gel Reservoir on the top edge of the cartridge contains moisturising elements and a new ingredient, Hyaluronan. Hyaluronan hydrates the skin while shaving, leaving you with a clean, comfortable shaving experience. The Hydro Moisturazor 5 also features the skin guards, which help to protect the skin. This increases the touch points between the razor and the skin, balancing out the pressure to reduce irritation.

SCHICK Hydro 5 - Side












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