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Step Into The World Of Virtual Japanese Art With ANA

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Japan’s largest airline ANA shines the spotlight on art-based tourism, allowing visitors to experience Japanese contemporary art without having to enter the country.

With ANA’s IJC Museum, a virtual art gallery accessible on the IS JAPAN COOL?” website, visitors can now experience the world of Japanese contemporary art even before stepping foot into the country.

Combining Japan’s famed art and technology, the IJC Museum will bring visitors through a virtual visual feast, bringing life to art created by world-renowned Japanese contemporary artists. Using cutting-edge technological innovations, the experimental project recreates artwork in a virtual space to highlight Japan’s unique arts scene.

Featuring some of the best works from seven of Japan’s leading artists (Yayoi Kusama, Tenmyouya Hisashi, Nerhol, Tabaimo, Taku Obata, Kohei Nawa, and Manabu Ikeda), the pieces on show include major three-dimensional works displayed in Japan only for the first time. Visitors may also anticipate rarely-seen installations displayed in a perspective that is only possible with the museum’s virtual reality techniques. 

In line with the concept of “a museum in the clouds”, the architecture and design of the IJC museum focuses on making each detail appear as realistic as possible. The concept marries innovative virtual reality technology with the real experience of viewing artwork in a gallery, allowing visitors to see the world through the eyes of the artist.

Allowing visitors to view installations in 360-degrees panorama, the exhibition brings to life the experience of “walking” through the art gallery. Recreated by 3-D scanning technology and converted into 3-D data models, the project creates virtual replicas of the real-life installations with the addition of high-definition textures.

With the implementation of WebGL, a technique for 3D representations, the virtual museum incorporates real-time rendering of the art gallery, exhibition rooms, and the artwork data for better precision. The museum can also be viewed from a wide variety of devices including smartphones and personal computers to ensure maximum accessibility.

Visitors may access the IJC Museum online here.




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