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Sunny Heights: Your Furkids’ Home Away From Home in Bukit Timah, Singapore

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Too busy to spend time with your beloved pets when you’re at work or out of town? Find out how you can enrol your furkids for day care at Sunny Heights and get to know more about the other pet-friendly facilities they have to offer.

Tucked away in the quiet neighbourhood of Bukit Timah is Sunny Heights – a one-stop paradise for all dogs, cats and pet-lovers alike. Spanning across a spacious open area amidst lush greenery and fresh air, Sunny Heights is a pet-friendly enclave that comes equipped with a range of facilities designed to carry out its day care services.

Sunny Heights prides itself in offering a comfortable and spacious environment for your pets to roam freely, socialise and get their dose of exercise while you’re busy with work or away for travel. Recognised for providing pet day care services, you can simply drop your furkids off at Sunny Heights before heading to work and know that they will be kept entertained all day under the supervision of friendly staff.

We spent some time exploring the tranquil grounds of Sunny Heights and have rounded up information that will interest pet owners as well as those who are looking to learn more about adopting a pet.

Day Care & Hotel

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

At Sunny Heights, the Doggy Day Care services they provide are ideal for owners who want a convenient space for their doggies to learn new tricks, meet other dogs and be mentally stimulated.

Derrick Tan, Operations Manager of Sunny Heights shares: “At Sunny Heights, we want to create a community where pet owners can gather together with their pets, while those who don’t own one can come down to check the pets out and ask questions. The programme we’ve designed at Day Care is especially beneficial for owners who own dogs of a certain breed that have more energy to burn, but have no time to accompany their dogs in doing so.”

Simply drop your furry ones off for check-in by 8am – just like in hotels – and they’ll be all set for a whole day of exciting programmes!

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

Pack Walks (Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page)

SH pool1

Swimming sessions (Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page)

Activities include organised pack walks lasting from 20 minutes to an hour, outdoor Frisbee or ball games, a 20-minute swimming session, and more socialisation opportunities indoors. After a whole day of fun and games, your furkids are ready to go home to you for some tender loving care.

If you’re travelling out of town, Sunny Heights also offers dog and cat boarding at their safe and comfortable hotel facilities. Two different types of boarding are offered for dogs – an ‘Open Concept’ boarding where they get to mingle with other dogs, or ‘Penned-up’ boarding for those that prefer a more private arrangement.

sh dog boarding

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

The Hotel at Sunny Heights is almost like a “holiday camp” for your dogs where they get to enjoy a restful slumber in air-conditioned pens on top of the programmes organised at Day Care. To make sure your pooches feel most at home, they’re allowed to bring along their own blanket, one small toy and their favourite treat for a comfortable stay while you’re away.

sh cathotel2

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

sh cathotel3

Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page

As for cats, a separate Cat Hotel is also available at the centre, featuring a spacious glass house with comfortable lounging spots just for your pampered felines.


The Cat Hotel opens up to an outdoor area with a sheltered lounging spot for owners to take in some fresh air or enjoy the natural sunlight with their beloved kitty cats.

Doggy Day Care services start from SGD 34 for small dogs (below 10kg). Hotel rates begin at SGD 25 per night, on top of Day Care charges. Transportation rates are charged at SGD 22 on weekdays, and SGD 33 on weekends.

Dogs will have to go through a minimum of five days in day care for a socialisation and temperament assessment before they are eligible for night boarding.

Pool and Exercise Area


As the only centre offering an animal-friendly pool in the West, have your furkids soak in some sun and experience a splashing good time at Sunny Heights’ stylishly furnished Pool. There are two swimming pools available – a deep pool and a ‘shallow’ lap pool. To ensure safety, a three-step entry to the pool is available for doggies who are swimming for the first time, while the deep pool comes with a safety ramp to facilitate easy exit for your furkids. If your doggy is not used to or afraid of water, life vests are also available for rent at a charge of SGD 2. 

The pools also feature water park themed spurting pipes to gradually warm the dogs up before they enter the cool waters. The pool is open to dogs of all ages, and owners are welcome to join in the fun with their furkids.

Admission rates to the pool start at SGD 14 per hour for small dogs. Sunny Heights offers Swimming Packages where you can purchase 10 tickets and get two free at a rate starting at SGD 140 for small dogs.


Upon exiting the pool, do look out for a unique self-service Dog Wash machine that comes equipped with shampoo, conditioner, flea & tick solution and a blow dryer! Priced at SGD 10 for the first 10 minutes, just follow the instructions provided and you’ll have a clean and dry dog within minutes!

SH exercisearea1

Exercise area (Photo cr: Sunny Heights Facebook page)

Just beside the pool is a spacious 5,000 square feet exercise area designed to let your furkids move about freely and play with other dogs. The dogs get play ball games under the supervision of friendly staff at Sunny Heights.  Doggies get to learn how to socialise with other dogs, and this simultaneously benefits owners who own dogs with more energy to burn.

Fur & Away Pet Grooming Salon

SH grooming fur and away

Photo cr: Fur & Away Facebook page

At Sunny Heights, you can also find a grooming salon where you can drop your  furkids off for a day of pampering. Have them looking clean and smart with a visit to Fur & Away grooming salon, which promises a calm environment for professionals to treat your dog to a stress-free grooming experience. Services available include bath & fluff, ear cleaning, nail trimming, skin and coat treatment, flea and tick control, dental care and basic to full grooming.

Fur & Away opens from 10am to 6pm. The grooming salon is closed on Tuesdays.

Ah B Cafe and Pawlicious Bakery



Another highlight at Sunny Heights is its pet-friendly cafe that allows doggies to dine with their owners. Great for organising private functions, the spacious Ah B Cafe is well furnished with comfy couches and giant colourful bean bags that add to a cosy, homely ambience.


Guests can also opt for alfresco dining if they prefer to dine within a natural setting. For parties, the cafe also provides buffets catered for both you and your furkids, so that everyone – including your dogs, can enjoy a good casual dining experience together!

20150820_145345 (1)

Just next door to Ah B Cafe, is Pawlicious Pet Bakery & Bistro – a bakery for owners to learn how to make their own doggy treats!

Photo cr: Pawlicious Facebook Page

Peanut Butter Doughnuts (Photo cr: Pawlicious Facebook Page)

Photo cr: Pawlicious Facebook Page

Purpleberry Cupcakes with Sweet Potato frosting (Photo cr: Pawlicious Facebook Page)

 At the bakery, you’ll find a selection of aesthetically-pleasing homemade cakes, cupcakes, donuts and bagels made with fresh and natural ingredients just for your doggies. You can also organise customisable birthday parties for your furkids with the premium party packages offered at Pawlicious. Shower some extra love on your furkid by throwing them a “Barkday” party at this vibrantly furnished bakery.

Getting Here

Sunny Heights is located at 110 Turf Road, Singapore 288000 and opens daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

The pool is opened to public from 1pm to 6.30pm on weekends and Tuesdays to Thursdays; and from 3pm to 6.30pm on Fridays. The pool is closed every Monday for maintenance.

For those who drive, there is limited free parking available at Sunny Heights and drivers can opt to park nearby at The Grandstand. Those who are taking public transport can alight at bus stop 42019, “Opp Sixth Ave Ctr” or take a shuttle bus to The Grandstand, which is just a five-minute walk away from Sunny Heights.

Adoption Services at The One With A Waggly Tail

If you’re interested in adopting one of these furry ones as your own, Sunny Heights also offers adoption services at The One With A Waggly Tail.



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