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The Botanist Gin’s Refreshing Take on a Classic Spirit

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On a hot summer’s day in Singapore, there are few cocktails that will beat a gin & tonic for its refreshing quality. And if you want a refreshing take on a gin, give The Botanist Gin a whirl.

While the gin is not made by a traditional gin distillery, whisky drinkers will recognise that it’s made by the same people who produce Bruichladdich whisky. Known for their progressive approach to spirits, The Botanist Gin was first released in 2009 but has only just made its way here.

Gin is somewhat of a traditional spirit and most people will associate it with the strong overtures of Juniper, although that has changed quite a bit in recent years, where many craft gins have taken to experimenting with botanicals in a bid to reinvent the genre and imbue it with endless new possibilities.

The Botanist is no different, and it features 22 hand-foraged botanicals from the island of Islay that augment the gin’s core ingredients of berries, bark, seeds and peels, which the distillery calls, “a rare expression of the heart and soul of the remote Scottish island home.”

If variety is the spice of life, then give this a whirl to spice up your next gin and tonic.

Tasting Notes (official)

Botanist-Gin-1Nose An extraordinary potpourri of botanicals such as hawthorn, elder, creeping thistle, sweet cicely and meadowsweet. A second whiff will produce notes of sweet, delicate menthol from the Apple Mint; spring woodlands from the Juniper; Coriander with Aniseed undertones, Lemon and Orange, Honey Thistle and Coconut.

Palate Fresh Citrus excites and stimulates the taste buds, developing into a deep, rich and spicy flavour exploding across the palate.

The Botanist Serve


A recommended serve for The Botanist comprises of 1 part gin, 2.5 to 3 parts artisanal tonic water. Garnish with a slice of juicy orange any kind of green herb you may find locally in order to further nuance the flavours of the botanicals within the gin.


The Botanist can be experienced in Singapore at various cocktail bars and online at 75cl, HTH Wines & Spirits, and Barworks Wines & Spirits.
List of Stockists

1. 301 Bar & Kitchen
2. Kite
3. Adrift by David Myers (MBS)
4. Le Binchotan
5. Antidote
6. Library
7. Bitter’s & Love
8. Lime House/ Bago
9. CeLaVi
10. Nutmeg & Clove
11. Crazy Elephant
12. Our Tap Room
13. Cuba Libre
14. Oxwell & Co
15. Cut By Wolfgang Puck (MBS)
16. Potato Head Folk
17. El Tadeo
18. Spago
19. Fullerton Bay (Landing Point)
20. Tess Bar & Kitchen
21. Fullerton Hotel
22. The Bank/Sand Bank
23. FYR Cycene Onc Drinc
24. Absolute Liquor Store
25. Gem Bar
26. Jigger & Pony




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