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The Full-Time Investor wants to put one investor in every household

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The Full-Time Investor has launched an upgraded online course, GIM 2.0 that can help anyone keen to start their investment journey or boost their investing skills.

The Full-Time Investor is a growth investing community based in Singapore. They have over 800 members ranging from enterprising youths to high net-worth individuals from different industries, united in their goal of growing their investing knowledge and wealth.

Members have exclusive access to multiple platforms and portals,
along with weekly live tutorial sessions and talks on Zoom. The recently upgraded online course, GIM 2.0 provides members with pre-learning resources, online videos, and live interactive Zoom classes for Q&As and case studies.

The next 2-Day LIVE Zoom Class is on 4 – 5 December from 10am to 6pm. Registration is free at this link and closes on 26 November, 2359. Participants need to complete the online GIM 2.0 online course first before attending the class.

Kelvin Seetoh and Jonathan Ang, founders of The Full-Time Investor shared some background about the community, their mission and purpose as well as the GIM programme.

the Active Age (AA): Can you share some background to why you started up The Full-Time Investor and GIM?

Kelvin Seetoh (KS): I gave up my scholarship to pursue a career as an investment analyst with a company. Even though I was making good returns for the fund, I felt that my job didn’t have a sense of meaning or purpose. Having built my sizable capital, I decided to quit after a year to explore my own purpose in life. I did some travelling and realise on one of my trips, how a 26-year-old like me can sit at a cafe relaxed in the morning while others are looking stressed and scurrying to work. It felt so undeserved, at the same time, I understood investing helped me to have this option in life. Immediately, I realised then how important it is to build your own wealth and not depend on a job (especially one you do not like) as your main source of income. Instead of helping the rich become wealthier, I thought why not help the middle-class sandwiched between the rich and poor? I can find more fulfilment and satisfaction in educating and helping others with my extensive knowledge, experience and background in investing. Too many people out there have the wrong impression of investing because of the many investing myths that we hear while growing up. I felt there is a need for a mindset adjustment. Looking at US, there are so many full-time investors but not in Singapore. Having a combined knowledge of close to 20 years in the stock market, we really hope to contribute our knowledge to help more Singaporeans achieve becoming a Full-Time Investor.

Jonathan Ang (JA): I came from the school of hard knocks where I delved into almost every financial investing tool and option possible. I have tried options, futures, day trading and forex. I made losses over 5-figures while dabbling in these things. Overtime, I realised the only strategy that worked well for me was to invest in high growth companies for the long term. When I started looking at everything with a long-term mindset, it removes a lot of emotions out of investing. After finding a method that worked, I wanted to share and spread the financial knowledge as I started seeing my friends lose money like I did when I first started out. What made me start teaching in a big group was when I had the fortune of conducting an investment class for my university classmates. I was surprised by the fulfilment that I got from sharing in big groups and this made me decide to start up The Full-Time Investor and GIM.

AA: What type of investor profiles are you looking for, and why did you settle on this group?

KS: The characteristics of our members include a willingness to learn new things, venturing into unknown territories, taking charge of their financial education. They have a strong attitude in life, are growth driven and committed. Generally, they are go-getters and they display a strong positive outlook.

JA: We are looking for members who are interested and committed to learn the skill of investing. We want people who are willing to spend time to become fishermen and not just people who take fish all the time. Traits like being intellectually curious, growth driven, taking responsibility for their financial decisions and to think independently are key.

AA: How did you arrive with The Full-Time Investor’s mission and purpose? 

KS: We understand that not everyone is inclined to investing but if we can educate someone to pick up the necessary knowledge of investing, that one person in the household can transform the financial status of the entire family.

JA: We were also inspired by Bill Gates who set out to put one PC in every household. It was a wild thought then but he made it happen with most households having more than one PC since! That is what inspired us to put one investor in every household and help families grow their wealth independently.

AA: How does The Full-Time Investor define financial freedom and independence and what does this mean to your GIM members?

KS: We believe that everyone should live the life that they want. To us, financial freedom/independence is having the freedom of time and quality of life you desire. With a sizable portfolio generating income, you can pursue your hobbies with the extra time. For you, you can choose to work because you want to, not because you have to. You can do what you love since money is not an obstacle. Too often we hear friends dragging their feet to work for the sake of earning a living but they have no passion in their work.

AA: While younger members have a longer runway to invest and compound their wealth, how can middle-aged and older members do so? 

KS: We do not believe that age is a barrier to investing and taking risks. A powerful example would be Colonel Sanders who started KFC when he was 65 years old! He may have started very late but became highly successful with outlets across the globe and still an extremely popular fast-food chain to reckon with until today.

Age is not relevant to us as long as you are willing to learn. Thinking of age as an obstacle robs you of the world of possibilities. Instead, our older members are learning how to invest because they want to be actively learning and making good use of their years. The middle-aged and older members should be thinking of what they can do right now and not what happened in the past. Learning should not stop and they can tap on the community and younger members for their thoughts and insights. A mix of generational viewpoints can be shared and discussed.

JA: I think life is fair. When we are older, we have the benefits of more savings to start with, more life experiences and world views that can help us in our investment journey. For example, a person who works in the cybersecurity industry can understand cyber stocks much better and make lesser mistakes as compared to a young person who does not have industry knowledge. I think life is fair that way, there are certain trade offs for different age groups. More importantly I think the key is to focus on the present and start as soon as possible. Worrying about the past and future will not change a single thing and it is a waste of time. It is akin to a person carrying an umbrella under a bright and sunny day, looking up the sky and wondering when will it start raining.

AA: Can you share a summary of your GIM programme with us?

KS and JA: It consists of our Growth Investing Mastery online course which is a self-paced course, Growth Profit Calculator, Growth Investor Guide, Superstocks Watchlist and access to our Peer-Support Private Facebook group.

The online course can take between 1 week to 1 month to complete depending on the pace of the learner. As a bonus, students will have unlimited access to the above as well as a 2-Day LIVE Zoom class to maximise your learning!

Our Growth Investing Mastery is priced at SGD 897.

AA: How can interested persons do due diligence on the offerings from The Full-Time Investor and GIM?

KS: You can search for us online. I have my own blog and podcast interviews with management teams. Jonathan has his own YouTube channel called InvestWithJang. We hold webinars to introduce our course with an introductory workshop lasting an 1 hour 15 minutes where people can have a preview to what we offer. They can sign up for the course after if they are keen.

We are the only investment course who has a money-back guarantee.