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The Hitsuji Club – Jingisukan made acccessible

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Jingisukan – a Japanese lamb dish that is prepared on a metal skillet or grill, a dish that has been mastered by the good folks of The Hitsuji Club. The Hitsuji Club is located at 65 Circular Road in the middle of the busy Boat Quay dining district and this cozy 20-seater restaurant specializes in serving up premium lamb at affordable pricings. Using the loin or fillet for their premium sets and the leg for the standard sets, the lamb is sourced from Australia or New Zealand and is grain-fed for six to eight months. With prices starting as low as$30 for the standard sets and going up to $65 for the premium sets, one can say that it has good value for its price.

Helmed by 29-year-old Eiji Yoshida, who has seven years of culinary experience, Eiji knows there is no compromise to the quality of the meat he serves. If the meat is not fresh, most of the customers will find the taste of the lamb too gamey, hence measures are in place to ensure the most optimum quality for his guests. With other options such as chicken or pork belly available on the menu, there’s a proteien for everyone! A must-try was the baby lamb chops, at $12 per piece, these were a little slice of heaven; grain-fed for four to six months and with perfect balance of tenderness and flavour.

Surprisingly, lamb is actually a healthier choice for meat. It is low in cholesterol and even comparable to fish. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lamb might be able to help lower cholesterol levels and burn unwanted fats. A good source of Vitamin B1, B12 and B complex, the meat can also help to alleviate anaemia and fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and dermatitis. It is also a protein full of zinc, necessary for the production of healthy white blood cells that help to boost immunity.

The Hitsuji Club

65 Circular Road, Singapore 049419

6221 3789

Operating Hours:

11:45am-2:00pm (Tues-Fri)

6:00pm-11:00pm (Mon-Sun)




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