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Top Three Causes of Lower Back Pain In Women

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Global science company, 3M, reveals the main causes of lower back pain in women and introduces their latest Futuro Slim Sillhouette Back Support specially designed to address this.

Did you know that one in every three women will experience back pains at least once in her life? Many of us spend hours sitting at our desks all day at work; and when we do walk, we do it in our killer stilettos. When we finally get home, some of us have to care for the kids or slog out with endless household chores, making us more susceptible to lower back pains.

According to research by the Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from lower back pains. In a 2011 study done by global science company, 3M, the most common cause is bad posture, which places excess pressure on the lower half of the spine.

Here are some of the top causes of lower back pain among women:

Sitting down for long hours

lower back pain

Those with desk-bound jobs would most likely know how sitting down for prolonged hours isn’t the best for health. This is especially so for your lower back as sitting down puts almost twice the amount of pressure on the bottom half of the spine as compared to standing – and sitting in the wrong posture (i.e. slouching while sitting) increases that pressure even more. When you hunch forward, your back is pushed into a C shape, and this causes further fatigue and overstretching of the ligaments, which in turn induces pain.

Wearing high heels


If you love your killer heels and know how good they make you look, well, beauty does indeed come with a price. Heels that are approximately two inches high causes the foot to slide forward, which leads to increased weight placed at the front of the foot. The uneven distribution of weight creates a strain on the back, thereby creating unnecessary pressure on the spine.

Parental duties and household chores


Taking care of the younger ones or doing household chores are also other causes of lower back pain. Maintaining the same posture in a fixed position day after day while doing chores like sweeping the floor, doing the laundry or cleaning up after the younger ones can also put a strain on the back.

For Her Back

To help alleviate the strain from everyday life that could potentially lead to lower back pain among women, 3M introduces the Futuro Slim Sillhouette Back Support (For Her) to help correct posture, protect the back from further strain, and relieve pain.

The back support features a more feminine design suited for wearing under clothing, and offers the following features:

  • Adjustable secondary straps for easy wear and precise fit around the waist
  • Contoured fit that wraps around natural curves of a woman’s back to provide full support of the entire lower back while ensuring mobility
  • Stays put along middle of the back for additional support for lower spine
  • Slim silhouette technology offers a lightweight, low-profile design that is almost unnoticeable under clothes
  • Made with breathable materials for all-day comfort

3M’s Futuro Slim Sillhouette Back Support can be worn all-day or during activities that may cause back pains. The back support is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores and is retailing at a promotional price of SGD 73.90 (U.P. SGD 83.90) from now to 30 July. For more information, visit their website.

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