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Travel In Style With EZ-Charms

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EZ-Link unveils its first non-card form factor, EZ-Charms, and launches an unprecedented rewards scheme for ez-link users.

Travelling with the ez-link has just gotten trendier and smarter as EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards has just launched EZ-Charms – a trinket that breaks through the conventional ez-link card design; as well as the EZ-Link Rewards Scheme with Perx – the first rewards programme for commuters using public transport with the ez-link card.

Functioning exactly like the existing ez-link cards, EZ-Charms can be used on buses, trains, taxis, as well as for shopping and dining, and can be topped up at all ez-link card channels.

Hello Kitty fans will be delighted to know that the first EZ-Charm design features the iconic feline character, and allows users to hang it on their mobile phones, key chains and more. The series of charms are available in four designs: Red (white face with red bow), Blue (white face with blue blow), Pink (white face with pink bow) and Black (black face with gold bow). All EZ-Charms are sold without stored value and are valid for two years.

Each EZ-Charm is going at S$24.90. The Red and Pink Hello Kitty EZ-Charms are only available from end of May 2015 while the Black Hello Kity EZ-Charm will only be available from the end of June 2015. You may purchase these EZ-Charms at all 7-Eleven outlets except Changi Airport and petrol kiosks. Get the complete set of four at S$99.60 which will be available online from 30 April 2015.

Commuters will also be rewarded for every trip they make on SMRT/SBS buses and MRT, with the new EZ-Link Rewards Scheme. Simply link your ez-link cards via the 16-digit CAN ID to Perx, a mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and you will automatically earn points each time you travel. You can also enjoy exclusive deals or redeem instant rewards at selected merchants across the island.

Every trip with the Adult ez-link card earns you 25 points while every trip with EZ-Link co-brand cards earns you 50 Points. You can link up to 10 ez-link cards to each Perx Account and accumulate points concurrently with the linked cards.

Card holders who sign up for the EZ-Link Rewards Scheme with Perx and accumulate 2,500 points by 20 July 2015 will stand a chance to win Tigerair air tickets to Maldives, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Langkawi and Taipei. As an exclusive reward for Perx users, the first 1,000 members to accumulate 5,000 points will be able to redeem the limited edition Blue Hello Kitty EZ-Charm from 11 May 2015.

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