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Visit the Whiskey Festival at the New Wines and Spirits Duplex at Terminal 2

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There’s a new Wines and Spirits Duplex at Changi Airport Terminal 2, and DFS will be hosting a first-of-its-kind Whiskey Festival from July 27 to September 10 to celebrate its launch.

The new premises spans two floors at 15,520 square feet, and like the Duplex at Terminal 3, it was designed by the award-winning Masamichi Katayama. It will feature three new in-store concepts — the Wine Reserve, the Cigar Room, and The Whiskey House.


The Wine Reserve will showcase over 350 wines from all over the world, and for tasting purposes, it also has an enomatic machine that can hold up to 12 different wines at any one time. The new Cigar Room stocks a wide assortment of cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras, and not to mention a range of limited edition accessories that will make excellent gifts.

Whiskey lovers, in particular, will be happy — the new Duplex will boast the largest assortment of single malt whiskies offered by any travel retail chain in the region and will offer over 200 whiskey bottlings from around the world, from Scotland to the USA to Japan and Taiwan.

In addition to the Whiskey House, the upper level will feature seven individually branded boutiques from Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Remy Martin, The Dalmore and The Macallan. Throughout the year, these boutiques will play host to master distillers, blenders, and brand ambassadors as well as tailored tastings, so do check often if you don’t want to miss out.


Featured Concept Stores and Boutiques

The Wine Reserve

Wine Reserve

The larger of the two wine reserves in DFS Changi Duplexes, the T2 Duplex wine reserve holds over 350 bottles of fine wines from different regions – Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Australia, USA, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal. Wine lovers can sample 12 different wines from the enomatic machine and connoisseurs will delight in rare and exclusive products like a collection of 24 bottles of 1939 Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau Latour Vertical of 4 vintages, as well as over 10 different vintages from Chateau Lafite.

The Cigar Room

Cigar Room

The Cigar Room greets customers with a wide assortment of the world’s finest cigars from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. There are also a range of limited edition accessories which are great gifting ideas, some in special travel sizes catering to travelers as well as cigar humidors and cigar cases.

House of Hennessy


House of Hennessy offers travelers a premium boutique environment to fully indulge in Hennessy Savoir Faire. First, a virtual reality adventure brings travelers through the seven chapters of tasting notes of Hennessy XO, complemented with serving and tasting rituals of the iconic Cognac. Travelers will also be able to learn about the creation of the esteemed Hennessy Paradis Imperial, and taste several rare eaux-de-vie that go into the blend. Other rare, limited edition Hennessy Cognacs can also be found at House of Hennessy, such as the Hennessy Edition Particuliere, which is housed in Bacarrat crystal bottles with a special seal handcrafted by Guerlain.

Jasmine House

Jasmine House

The first premium Chinese tobacco boutique outside China offering customers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of premium Chinese tobacco by taking travelers back in time to a beautiful, luxurious and classical Chinese home of the 1940s.

Johnnie Walker House

Johnnie Walker House

Changi Airport is one of the few locations worldwide to feature a Johnnie Walker House, which aims to deliver a superior luxury whiskey experience, all whilst sharing about the craftsmanship, heritage and exclusive innovations of the brand. The House Counter is designed to educate and inspire travelers on the pioneering spirit of the brand, with brand ambassadors leading exclusive tastings. A range of rare single malts are featured in limited quantities for collectors to bring home a piece of history, while complimentary bespoke bottle engraving services are available to make the Johnnie Walker experience extra special. Several Johnnie Walker House Exclusives—some developed only for DFS Changi—are also available at this location.

The Dalmore Boutique

The Dalmore Boutique

The Dalmore Boutique is one of the few locations worldwide to house one full set of The Dalmore Constellation Collection – a selection of 21 Single Malts that is ever becoming rarer as there are today only 14 full sets left worldwide. The space also houses a luxurious presentation of the core product range, limited editions and DFS Exclusives. Customers will be able to see, smell and taste the heart of The Dalmore Single Malt whiskey through the central island table, and learn about intricacies of creating this crafted Single Malt from brand ambassadors.

The Glenfiddich Gallery


The Glenfiddich Gallery provides a full sensory experience for the customer, combining visuals, aromas and tastes. The flavor profiling application and a “blind nose” test aim to match the right products to each discerning individual and guide customers in selecting the right whiskies for themselves or for others. Once a selection is made, the gallery offers an unrivalled level of personalization that is not restricted to premium products, so customers can bring home a personal memory of DFS Changi, or present an intimate, personal gift to someone else.

The Glenlivet Space


The Glenlivet Space transports travelers to Pernod Ricard’s whisky distillery’s homes, presenting a holistic journey from the crafting of whisky to its appreciation. Product features and tasting offers rotate every few months in order to continuously offer unique experiences to travelers, such as recreating signature blends for Chivas Regal or Royals Salute using the brand’s core malts, sampling from multiple distilleries within the region to understand the birth of Speyside malts, and experimenting how aromas and flavors change when varying amounts of water are added. The Glenlivet Space is also home to a variety of Prestige and highly allocated products, and serves as an ideal venue for future launches of limited edition products and exclusives.

The Macallan Boutique

The Macallan Boutique focuses on consumer engagement and interaction in telling the unique story behind their brand and the importance of cask wood in the brand’s identity. The boutique offers consumers an extensive range of Macallan expressions including products exclusively available in travel retail, along with a feature wall dedicated to ultra-rare editions of The Macallan. The nosing and tasting zone is aptly named “The Whiskey Symphony”, allowing the traveler to experience the aromas and all-natural colors of the single malts. The boutique also offers gifting and personalization services.

The Remy Boutique


The Remy Boutique is a space for travelers to explore and taste the range of Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognacs, from the core Cellar Master range, to the DFS exclusive XO Touzac Excellence. The exclusives and rarity section introduces its line-up with a special feature and tasting of the limited edition, DFS exclusive Remy Martin Carte Blanche, first made available at DFS Changi. The boutique also features “Remy Martin: A Journey in the Cellars”, a virtual reality experience that recreates the Cellar Master’s experience in the making of Remy Martin Cellar No.28. Bespoke Louis XIII experience is also available for customers who purchase from The Remy Boutique.

The Whiskey House


The Whiskey House is a collaboration between DFS Group and William Grant & Sons’ to create a new, more intuitive, and experiential whiskey shopping experience for the world traveler, simplifying what is now an increasingly complicated category of spirits. The accompanying bar offers complimentary tastings of over 100 different whiskies, from well-loved favorites to new, exclusive and boutique brands. With such a wide selection available, each traveler is guaranteed to find something suitable for themselves or a gift for a close other.


Whiskey Cocktails

The festival will showcase a series of events on Friday and Saturday evenings, and each weekend, a different whiskey brand will add their own touch to the festival with guest appearances from brand ambassadors, special master classes and food pairing sessions. Also, three complimentary whiskey cocktails representing the signature styles of Scotland, U.S. and Japan will be available for sampling throughout the festival at both Duplexes.

July 29 & 30 Craigellachie featuring Ziggy Campbell, Global Brand Ambassador

Aug 5 & 6 The Macallan featuring Randall Tan, Brand Advocate and Keith Nair, Brand Trainer

Aug 12 & 13 Maker’s Mark featuring Gordon Dundas, Global Brand Ambassador

Aug 19 & 20 House of Hazelwood featuring Jay Gray, Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia

Aug 26 Beam Suntory Japanese whiskies featuring Mike Miyamoto,Global Brand Ambassador

Sep 2 & 3 Glenfiddich featuring Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific

Sep 9 & 10 Bruichladdich featuring Richard Gillam, Brand Ambassador

Time and Venue
(a) 3 – 5pm at The Whiskey House at Level 2, Terminal 2 Duplex
(b) 5.30 – 7.30pm at The Long Bar by Raffles at Level 2, Terminal 3 Duplex





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