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Walking With Proper Posture

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Follow these tips to walk faster and longer

Before increasing your running or walking pace during your exercise routine, check if you’re walking with the correct posture. Tweak your strides to achieve more benefits from fitness walking.

You should pay attention to your walking to stay safe and have a productive workout session.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Look straight ahead

Always look straight when walking. Not only does looking down slow your pace, it can also cause your back to ache at the same time.

Stand tall

Be cautious of your form. Keep your shoulders back while standing tall. A good walking posture prevents you from injuring yourself.

Make sure that your neck, shoulders back and head and your spine are in a straight line, with your abs sucked in while walking.

Swing your arms

This move is indeed the most effective method to walk faster and burn more calories. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and swing your arms as you walk. Your hands should be relaxed with your shoulders down to help you propel forward.

Do not clench your hands or overstress your arms when walking. Try not to swing your arms above chest level and use your shoulders to facilitate the movement.

Take one step at a time

Take smaller steps to boost your speed and burn more calories. Simple routines include brisk walking with smaller steps for 100 times followed by a one-minute rest.

Slowly increase your pace once you’re used to the correct form of walking.

Do not over-stride

Over-striding tends to lead to shin, muscles and even joint injuries. If you want to walk faster, increase the number of steps and not the distance between each steps.

Land on your heels

Always land on the ground with your heel, roll your heel to your toes and push off from the ground with your big toe. Remember to practice the heel-to-toe motion for an effective walking.

Do several leg strengthening and stretching exercises if you experience tension in your joints regularly.

Set goal markers along the way

Brisk walk till you reach several markers such as stops signs or park benches. These stops will motivate you to walk faster and burn more calories effectively.

Cool down by walking for the same amount of distance but at a slower pace.

Don’t go for the killer hills yet

Practice walking on a flat terrain because pushing your body to go for steeper inclines. Once your body is adjusted to the correct walking posture, slowly increase your walking pace until you are ready to challenge your body.

Incorporate aerobic exercises in between

Add aerobic exercises including jumping jacks, plunges and squats to increase your heart rate even more. This helps you to strengthen your core and tone your body while walking.

Always remember the Do’s and Don’ts of any exercise to avoid suffering from injuries. Walking is indeed an easy and effective workout for weight loss and healthy living. With determination and effort, mastering the right walking posture will benefit both your workout routines as well as daily life.



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