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What to do with excessive yawning

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Find out what triggers you to yawn

Yawning is your body’s reaction to being tired. It also occurs when you’re on the topic of yawning or when somebody near you yawns. However, if you have been yawning 30-40 times a day, you should consider seeking professional help.

Excessive yawning is usually influenced by your level of sleepiness. However, it could also be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Here are some possible reasons for your excessive yawning.


Yawning is a sign of drowsiness. It could be your body’s way of saying it lacks sleep. This tends to happen when you have irregular sleeping habits, therefore affecting your quality of sleep.

To combat fatigue, you should make adjustments to your sleeping pattern. Have at least 8 hours of sleep daily for your body to recuperate properly. This includes sleeping on time even when you have a day off the next day. Avoid sleeping in to regulate your body clock. Use an alarm clock if you need a wake-up call in the morning.

Taking naps might not always be the solution to provide that extra boost of energy in the day. It’ll only keep you up late at night. If you really need a break in the afternoon, take a nap for approximately around 20 – 30 minutes. Improving the quality of your sleep should help to reduce yawning.


Various factors attribute to insomnia, such as irregular sleeping habits. Medical conditions also contribute to insomnia such as sinus allergies or asthma.

If you are trying to combat insomnia, avoid staying up late at night. Rearrange your schedule so that you would not be stressed about too many things. Tidy your room to make it more comfortable. This helps to condition your mind to relax and fall into slumber easily.

As compared to having a roommate, it’s better to have the room to yourself. You do not have to worry about others creating noise, resulting in you being unable to have a proper rest.

Insomnia could be an indication of depression or anxiety. Therefore, consult a doctor if you are unable to overcome this condition on your own.


Side effects from the medications you are taking can also lead to excessive yawning. Such medication includes those prescribed to cure depression or anxiety, including selective serotonin inhibitors.

Inform your doctor about the desire to combat insomnia so that they can rearrange your medication accordingly.

Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Make changes to your lifestyle in terms of your diet, workout duration and sleep quality. Positive thinking can also minimise fatigue by keeping you motivated throughout the day.

Your lifestyle determines your health condition. Cultivating healthy habits make it easier for you to combat excessive yawning. Having sufficient rest while staying productive will increase your satisfaction better and reduce your stress level, which leads to curing excessive yawning.



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