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World’s First X.P Brandy Launches In Singapore

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The first-of-its-kind brandy, FIVE X.P., has recently launched in Singapore and is set to capture all five senses.

Conceptualised in Singapore, this first-of-its-kind brandy, FIVE X.P., is set to capture all five senses with its combination of golden hues, subtle honeyed bouquets and sublimely smooth finish. FIVE X.P. is the result of having every component and step in the traditional process re-looked and then improved or replaced.

This starts from the base ingredient: instead of Ugni Blanc, FIVE X.P. is made solely from Riesling grape sourced from Germany. The wine then undergoes a complex and innovative vacuum distillation process that helps to preserve the purity of the fruits’ aromatics and flavours, while retaining a smooth, subtle finish. This is achieved through a distillation process going at a gentle 28 degrees Celsius instead of the usual (much harsher) temperature of 74 degrees Celsius.

Following the distillation process, the distillate is stored in used oaked barrels to mature for six years (no more, no less) – an optimal amount of time for just the right amount of mellowing and integration to be achieved.

FIVE XP - Flatlay

Placed in a brand new category of its own with its X.P. label (which stands for Xtra Pure), the bottle is transparent and reminiscent of the tall, thin bottles of German and Alsace Riesling wine.

FIVE X.P. is best served neat in a white wine glass at room temperature – without ice, water or soda. Enjoy it as an after-dinner digestif, or after a satisfying meal.

As only 10,000 bottles are available worldwide, those looking to get their hands on the FIVE X.P. should do so soon. FIVE X.P. is retailing at SGD 300 per 500ml bottle. To order, write into For more information, visit



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