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Your Office Is Ageing You

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Everyone assumes that one ages prematurely when they subject themselves to the elements in the great outdoors, but the hours we spend working indoors can be equally detrimental.

Indoor Pollution:

Air inside a commercial building as reported by Bloomberg Business can be up to 100-times more polluted than the air outside, and the toxic particulates floating all around can pose a lot of health problems when inhaled on a consistent basis. Pollution is also very ageing as it disrupts collagen supplies as well as speeds up cellular ageing.

Air-Conditioning Is Bad:

We might be suffering from the effect of a ‘wacked out’ climate  due to the El Nino phenomenon, with the air conditioning providing much respite from the heat wave but it doesn’t do any good for our skin. Air conditioning can make your skin feel tight and dry and the drier your skin the faster it will age. Air humidity is almost non-existent when the air conditioner is cranked up to combat the sweltering heat. When the air is lacking in water it literally sucks the moisture from skin leaving it dry and with an impaired protective barrier that can exacerbate skin ageing. Another down side of the air conditioner is that if it is not serviced and cleaned on a regular basis, it will also contribute to indoor pollution as well as spread diseases as it could house mold and bacteria.

Germs Are Everywhere:

Research has shown that the keyboard and mouse are two of the most germ-contaminated spots in the office and the area where you frequently rest your hand on contains approximately 10 million bacteria, which is more bacteria per square inch than say a toilet seat. Are you hesitant in biting your nails or touching your face now? These foreign invaders make your skin’s defenses work doubly hard to fight them off and that will weaken its protective barrier and result in age accelerating inflammation. It might pay to have OCD this time round.

UVA Can Be Found Indoors:

Ultra violet rays can penetrate windows and travel deep into your derma and do lots of damage to your skin cells, harm DNA and break down collagen. You might want to reconsider that scenic window seat of yours. So wear a broad spectrum SPF while at your desk to protect your skin from UVA, as SPF is not adequate. UVA also causes oxidative stress in the skin, so stock up on antioxidant rich snacks such as fruit. Can’t go wrong with being healthy.




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