Code of Conduct at the Active Age

Updated: 1 January, 2016 by Editor (editor [at]

At the Active Age, we want to do this right. This means we take ethics and our professionalism fairly seriously. We want to provide articles about topics that are interesting, impact-ful and important to our readers. The coverage also has to be accurate, defensible and fair. To do so, we have created and follow a code of conduct – shared below – that we operate the Active Age with.

Feel free to reach out and share your comments, opinions and questions with us.

Editorial staff

We ask all staff writers and contributors to disclose potential conflicts of interest, in the articles where such potential conflicts might exist.  As far as we are aware, our editorial team does not own equity or commercial interest in any companies we might cover. Contributors and contributed content from brands will be clearly defined and labelled as such and will be called out in the article.

Editorial process

We are in the business of writing about trends, insights, products and services. Our reviews on products and services, likewise, are independently sourced, whether by working with brands, companies and/or acting on a recommendation from our readers. Our team looks to run reviews through editors for verification and fact check with our sources before we post an article.

We do not report news and will not make any claims towards being a news agency, engaged in the business of providing the latest updates on topics. Instead, we will monitor, analyse and write about trends, insights and impact to our readers as a consequence of the news topic.

The editorial team will strive for accuracy in our writing and articles, but as with life, we might not always get it right the first time. We will look to correct errors as soon as possible and label major edits/corrections transparently. If readers find error, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at editor [at] and let us know.


The Active Age may work with brands and companies to run advertising campaigns and could accept both financial and sponsorship terms for events we will run. We note that our editorial team will remain independent and enforce a clear and strict policy of distinction between editorial and advertising/marketing-driven content.


We look forward to running events both internationally and in Asia. This will require thought and opinion leaders and contributors that might come on board the event as speakers, panellists or as delegates. As with any other event organiser, we will look towards sponsorships and other commercial arrangements to help make the event a success. This will mean we engage with brands and companies involved in the event topic space to execute the event.

As with our editorial policy, we ask for the trust and kindness of our community to understand that we will build and select the best combination of invited and sponsored content to make the event a value-add for all attendees.  Event content will be selected and curated by the Active Age team. We look forward to holding win-win events with the audience receiving value as a priority and sponsors being able to achieve their business objectives as an optimal scenario.

In this time of authenticity and transparency, we hope our sponsors and partners will understand that the content they provide needs to be complement and provide value to the event, otherwise their commercial investments might not be optimally utilised.