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Latest Holistic Approach for those Struggling With Chemical Dependency


The Ibogaine Research Center is conducting comprehensive research on addiction treatments. The group, headed by David Dardashti, comprises specialists in organizational psychology (Gavriel Dardashti), Data Coordination (Cole Barressi), Harvard-trained psychiatrist (Ashok Bharucha, MD), Neuroscientist (Misty Huckabey, PhD), and biomedical engineer (Leslie Mitchelson PhD). This multidisciplinary team is collaborating to explore the underlying neurobiological causes of addiction and to formulate treatment strategies commensurate with this understanding.

MIAMI, Feb. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The clinic, through meticulous computations and thoughtful deliberation, evaluates each patient on a case-by-case basis to determine the correct dosage of Noribogaine to be administered. This ensures long term efficiency of Ibogaine’s active metabolite. The effects of this active metabolite begin to peak within a week after treatment, based upon past patients’ reports of improved cognitive functioning.

The metabolite has demonstrated effectiveness with no clinically significant side effect burden. Informative data stems from metabolic data collected before ibogaine treatment and once more in the days to follow. Results from twenty patients indicate smooth stabilization, indicating safety and efficacy of the active metabolite.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain, chiefly in charge of rational decision-making and executive function, is often disrupted by addiction and similar conditions. Research indicates that an unstable prefrontal cortex hinders individuals from achieving the necessary appetite (Thomas AJ, Hendriksen M, Piggott M, Ferrier IN, Perry E, Ince P, O'Brien JT.). Noribogaine is beneficial in addressing these problems for individuals grappling with impaired executive functioning.

Noribogaine's exceptional attribute is its ability to disrupt addiction, a characteristic inherent in its natural remedies (Chang). While not a panacea for drug addiction, it significantly aids in managing cravings for several months post completion of the full treatment regimen. The prefrontal cortex plays a crucial role in resisting drug cravings, even when the individual no longer desires to consume them (Kroob).

Given the diminished capacity of the frontal lobe due to years of unhealthy choices, noribogaine provides supplementary support to those compulsively succumbing to drug use. Furthermore, neuro ibogaine assists in blocking the opiates and cocaine entrenched in the individual's psyche and physique (Pablo). This results in the individual feeling entirely liberated from drug addiction within a few days post-treatment.

Every individual seeking treatment presents a distinct case, contributing to the growing body of knowledge on ibogaine. Thorough monitoring is crucial for sustained success, but the long-term effectiveness of noribogaine necessitates follow-up updates in subsequent months.

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