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Circles.Life introduces the new 5Cs of Singapore

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New survey by Circles.Life in partnership with YouGov reveals that Singaporeans today value a whole new set of life priorities.

According to the Circles.Life survey, Singaporeans across all age groups rank mental well-being (70 percent), spending time with loved ones (66 percent) and being carefree (45 percent) as their top three life priorities.

In contrast, the three least important priorities of Singapore-based residents are being part of an exclusive club (90 percent), owning a car (74 percent) and owning a credit card (69 percent).

The survey shows a desire among Singaporeans to prioritise mental well-being, loved ones and living a carefree life, regardless of age or gender.

About two out of three Singaporeans value mental well-being more today compared to two years ago with the pandemic a likely factor contributing to this shift in priorities. 61 percent of Singapore-based residents value spending time with loved ones and 46 percent value a carefree life more than they did two years ago.

The survey also found that both Gen Zs and Baby Boomers value mental well-being more than other generations, ranking it their top life priority. Other generations were not far behind though.

  • 69 percent of Gen Zs (aged 18 – 25) value mental health and ranked it their top life priority
  • 68 percent of Millennials (aged 26 – 41)
  • 70 percent of Gen Xs (aged 42 – 57)
  • 74 percent of Baby Boomers (aged 58 -76)

Being compassionate is the value that Singaporeans most relate to. Seven out of ten respondents (74 percent) shared they would like to lend a helping hand to those going through times of difficulty; and 71 percent believing there should be greater equality among the different ethnicities, genders, sexualities and economic statuses.

new 5Cs

The new 5Cs of Singapore

Circles.Life has introduced the new value-based 5Cs of Singapore – Compassionate, Carefree, Connected, Courageous and Creative that are reflective of the new values.

These 5Cs are the top five values as ranked by respondents out of a list of seven values (Compassionate, Carefree, Connected, Courageous, Creative, Curious, Cultured). They are based on a series of statements that respondents react to – from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

As part of our #MoreThanAnyNumber movement, we hope to continue to champion the view that everyone can define and create their own success. These survey findings confirm what we believe – that Singaporeans today are no longer preoccupied by metrics-based achievements or material possessions. Instead, they want a better quality of life, better mental well-being, and to be able to live on their own terms.

Jeanette Wong, Singapore Growth Lead, Circles.Life.

Circles.Life also shared solutions to power the new 5Cs for customers. For example, compassionate or connected customers can choose the Family Plan, while creative customers can opt for the Data-only plan. To find out which of the 5Cs best describe a personality, there is a quiz available on the Circles.Life website.

Image from Circles.Life and Photo by Emily Underworld on Unsplash