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Consumers are thinking of shifting to plant-based foods in next 10 years

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A study by GlobeScan, an insights and advisory consultancy, and EAT, the science-based non-profit for global food system transformation finds encouraging data about shift to plant-based foods.

A GlobeScan and EAT global consumer research study found that four out of ten consumers (42 percent) worldwide “… think most people will likely be eating plant-based food instead of meat in the next ten years”.

The same study found that 60 percent of consumers say they eat healthy food most or all of the time, with a growing number of people eating vegetarian or vegan diets. This is an increase to more than one in five (22 percent) respondents saying that they eat plant-based or vegan food, and up from 17 percent in 2019.

40 percent of Gen Z, 43 percent of Millennials, 37 percent of Gen X, and 28 percent of Baby Boomers say they are very interested in trying plant-based diets, showing a growing increase across all age groups.

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Plant-based diets are on the rise in all regions of the world, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the link between climate change and food choices.

Chris Coulter, CEO of GlobeScan

From a consumer wallet perspective, the study found that 89 percent of consumers say that buying environmentally healthy and responsible food is important to them with 64 percent claiming they are willing to pay more for it.

Switching to plant-based foods in Singapore

Against this backdrop of growing interest in plant-based foods, FIRST PRIDE, a plant-based food innovator under Tyson Foods, has launched two new products, the Plant-Based Crispy Nuggets and Plant-Based Popcorn Bites.

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Using their trademarked “IntraPlant Tech” blend of wheat, soy and citrus fibre, FIRST PRIDE has recreated meaty textures and flavours, without the use of actual meat. Using an innovative three-step coating method of battering, pre-dusting and breading, the FIRST PRIDE products deliver a natural crispiness and crunch in every bite.

The Crispy Nuggets was voted as the Best Plant-based Meat in Root the Future, Thailand’s largest plant-based/vegan and sustainability community.

FIRST PRIDE’s plant-based products are available for purchase at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and Redmart for SGD 4.25 per 170g pack.

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Photos credit to Grains of Truth Study, and First Pride.