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Etiqa finds Singaporeans are more nutrition conscious post-pandemic

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Singaporeans are aware of nutrition in their daily diet as well as knowledgeable about supplementary food choices for prevention and protection against diseases.

Etiqa Singapore has released findings from its inaugural nutrition literacy survey of 1,000 Singaporeans – titled the Etiqa Nutrition Literacy Survey 2022 – to learn about their dietary habits and knowledge of nutrition.

According to the survey, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered 76 percent of respondents into paying closer attention to their nutrition intake. Most respondents made improvements to their dietary habits such as eating a balanced meal, avoiding high cholesterol, high sugar or high sodium foods, and enjoying a variety of food in moderation.

Key findings include:

  • 93 percent of Singaporeans are aware that their present eating habits will impact their health in the future. However, only 54 percent of Singaporeans perceive that they are eating a healthy and balanced diet most of the time.
  • 67 percent of Singaporeans actively consume foods for disease prevention and protection
  • 44 percent of Singaporeans look out for health labels printed on food packages and 48 percent of Singaporeans read nutrition facts.
  • 41percent of Singaporeans will not consume food past the expiry while 34 percent may consume food if it is 1 to 3 days past the expiry date.
  • 98 percent of Singaporeans snack, with 1-in-2 being frequent snackers i.e. snacking 3 times or more a week.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash