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HMI Institute launches the Carebuddy Community Initiative

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The HMI Institute Carebuddy Community Initiative aims to make caregiving knowledge and skills more accessible to the local community.

This is a flagship initiative by the HMI Institute. It builds upon the extensive experience of HMI Institute’s existing healthcare training programmes for the Care Economy.

By pooling and repurposing the Institute’s resources and content into microlearning modules and articles, the initiative will further extend the reach to home caregivers and their family with caregiving knowledge and skills.

With a rapidly ageing population, where 1 in 4 will be over the age of 65 by 2030, the demand for healthcare personnel by the growing healthcare and community care sectors have also increased. Also, more caregiving is being provided by people who aren’t healthcare professionals. Home caregivers often have varying levels of knowledge and skills, and any gaps in their expertise can increase the pressures they face as carers, which can be overwhelming. We believe that empowering both caregivers and care recipients with caregiving knowledge and self-care is central towards delivering on our commitment to building a healthier society together.

Chin Wei Jia, Group CEO of HMI Group, speaking at the HMI Institutes 20th Anniversary.

The Carebuddy Community Initiative comprises of an online platform, as well as volunteer and community engagement programmes. As part of the initial launch, HMI Institute is aiming to reach and benefit 100,000 people.

Carebuddy was developed in collaboration with numerous partners, including Dementia Singapore, Singapore Cancer Society, Singapore Hospice Council, NKF, Lions Befrienders, Promises, OneCare Medical, and StarMed Specialist Centre.

These programmes will be supported by newly established HMI Institute Community Fund. The fund has an initial contribution of SGD200,000, and will “…spur the Institute’s initiatives in building capacity and improving caregiving knowledge and skills for the community”.

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