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LIVE WELL 10 by Balanced Living to kickstart health from the inside-out

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Balanced Living, a holistic, health and wellness centre, has created a 10-day gut healing makeover to authentically kickstart the health journey, starting from the inside-out. This is in celebration of their 10-year milestone in Singapore.

The LIVE WELL 10 programme was created to help participants get a better understanding of their gut and overall health. Objectives of the programme including helping to lower inflammation in the body and build participants up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health.

The 10-day LIVE WELL 10 programme includes:

  • A one-hour personal session with Toni Baker, Naturopath
  • 6-day Gut Makeover Meal Plan from The Living Café delivered to your home
  • A ‘Gut Makeover Plan’ and recipe booklet to support your journey
  • SGD 50 Vouchers to spend on The Living Café pantry items
  • 1 Epic Water Filter bottle
  • Whatsapp support during the 10 days
  • 30-minute zoom or phone session with Toni Baker at the end

LIVE WELL 10 starts and ends with a consultation

Participants start the programme with a one-hour, in-depth session with Toni Baker, one of the Balanced Living Clinic’s leading in-house healthcare practitioners.

Toni has been practising her craft for over 20 years, and holds health diplomas from Advanced Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to Naturopathy and Homeopathy. She is an internationally recognised Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Balanced Living
Photo credit: Balanced Living

Toni will be available via Whatsapp for the whole ten days to provide support and guidance during the LIVE WELL 10 journey and answer questions.

The programme will conclude with a 30-minute check-in with Toni. This will help participants understand how to sustain health goals and lifestyle changes moving forward, including advice on supplements or extra diagnostic testing.

Supported by a 6-day meal plan to living well

The 6-day meal plan was conceptualised by Balanced Living owner Emma Paris and Nutritional Health Expert Toni Baker to rest, restore and heal the gut.

The twice-daily meals are packed full of sustainable, nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients – with local products used where possible. The 6-day meal plan can start at any time during the LIVE WELL 10 day programme. There is also the option to add on an extra one-week gut health meal plan to continue post-programme.

There is also a booklet with in-depth educational information about gut health, a plan to see you through the 10 days, lifestyle tips to support you and The Living Cafe’s much sought after recipes that can be used for the other four days, inspiring participants to cook nutritious food at home. The recipe booklet is packed full of information as well as tips and advice on having a proactive approach to living well.

Some extras to make living well easier and hopefully a sustainable practice

The LIVE WELL 10 programme includes a SGD 50 voucher to spend on The Living Café’ pantry items. Some highlights include sauces and dressings such as freshly made vegan pesto and a creamy tahini and a range of low sugar, non-alcoholic beers and wines and superfood blends.

Balanced Living
Photo credit: Balanced Living

It is highly encouraged to drink clean water to help the body detoxify. Tap water can contain high amounts of chlorine and fluoride that impacts gut health. The programme has included one Epic Water bottle that contains world-class filtration system that removes 99.9 percent of known tap water contaminants.

Pricing and availability

The LIVE WELL 10 programme is priced at SGD 695 and can be purchased from the Balanced Living website.

Balanced Living is offering an extra one-week Gut Health Meal Plan at SGD 300 per week with a 10 percent discount for those who have previously been on the programme.

Feature photo credit: Balanced Living