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One In Three Travellers Pay More Than Average Airfare

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Sabre Corporation has recently revealed data suggesting that over one in three global travellers pay above the average airfare for their plane tickets.

Sabre Corporation, a technology provider to the global travel industry, has recently released data showing that one in three travellers do not find the lowest airfares when they shop for their air tickets.


Global travel shopping data showing the share of travellers that pay above the average air fare price on selected routes.

In particular, popular routes within Asia Pacific such as Singapore-Hong Kong saw 37 percent of travellers paying above the odds, while Australia’s key Sydney-Melbourne route saw 48 percent of travellers paying for tickets above the average fare price.

While this new data is about airfares, Senior Vice President for Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific, Roshan Mendis comments that it is illustrative of a much wider travel shopping trend. This includes the fact that consumers are not walking away with the best match for their booking criteria despite the huge amount of time spent shopping and the abundance of travel services and content available. He adds that travel companies likewise face the challenge of presenting relevant options to the right person, in the right place and at the right time.

With that, the B2B travel technology company is working closely with various leading travel companies to develop the next wave of smart technology designed to create a more personalised travel shopping experience. By giving travellers easier access to the most relevant shopping information, the company hopes that the new technologies can help customers book their itineraries more confidently, and to ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition, Sabre has recently revealed a sneak peek of its software solution, Sabre Red Workspace, which aims to help both travel retailers and suppliers attain new levels of choice, transparency and personalisation.

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