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PRISM+ expands into home appliances with own line of refrigerators

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PRISM+, a Singapore brand recognised for its line of smart air conditioner systems, has made a significant stride into the home appliances sector with the launch of its latest products – the PRISM+ PureFresh and Evershine Refrigerators.

This move is in support of their commitment to providing value to Singaporean homeowners seeking quality home appliance solutions without breaking the bank.


Introducing PRISM+ PureFresh and Evershine Refrigerators

The highlight of PRISM+’s latest launch is its first-ever refrigerator line-ups, the PRISM+ PureFresh and Evershine Refrigerators. The PureFresh line features three refrigerators with a top mount freezer of varying capacities, 330 litres, 420 litres, and 530 litres; as well as a 600 litre side by side model catered for larger households.

The PureFresh refrigerators come in two colour variants – Inox (Steel) and Black Inox (Black Steel), showcasing a premium finish not often found in smaller or wallet-friendly refrigerators.

The Evershine Refrigerators, available in both 420 litre and 530 litre top-mounted models, offer homeowners the opportunity to add a touch of elegance into their homes with its premium Black Glass finish.

Both the PureFresh and Evershine come equipped with the same features, and offer a 12-year warranty on its compressor, and a 2-year full coverage warranty.

Unique features for optimal performance

PRISM+ refrigerators are designed to keep food as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. They are equipped with multi-zone cooling technology, with multiple vents built across its shelves to ensure consistent temperature across all compartments. The refrigerators also feature anti-odour filters to keep strong or unsavoury scents at bay.

The refrigerators utilise no frost technology, saving homemakers from the gruelling task of defrosting the freezer. They also utilise inverter compressor technology designed to save energy and power consumption.

The PureFresh SBS600, the most spacious offering in the PureFresh line-up, features three unique temperature settings to optimise its energy usage: Eco Mode, Holiday Mode, and Super Freeze Mode.

After-sales care and warranty

Homeowners can expect the same after-sales care that they have come to associate with the homegrown brand. The PRISM+ refrigerators come with a staggering 12-year warranty on its compressor, and 2-year full coverage warranty, ensuring peace-of-mind on yet another big ticket item for their home.

Pricing and availability

Pricing table provided by PRISM+.