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Protecting your family at home with smart home devices

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All of us want our homes to be the safest place for us and our families. We can do so with the right selection of smart home devices.

The development of technology makes us feel at ease and worried at the same time, thinking that our private data could be leaked without us knowing, and we can reduce the risk of such situations by buying the right devices.

Before purchasing smart home devices, carefully read their settings, description, and of course reviews.

Here’s a round-up of the essential smart home devices that you will need:

For securing your home

Security systems. The security system can detect any movement or suspicious activity and alert you about it. You can also check if you are expecting any package or anyone to come over to your property. These security systems are offered by different companies, so you should be careful in choosing the right one among a lot of good firms, the one most recommended is Nami. The prices are affordable as long you secure the whole house.

Emergency sensors are devices that keep you on track about what is going on in your house unlike security systems, emergency sensors can alert you when the water leaks or anything gets broken. You can purchase emergency sensors based on what you need them for.

For protecting your health and well-being

Smart temperature sensors, these sensors do exactly what thermostats used to be, putting the room temperature in what state you want except now these temperature sensors can be controlled remotely, so you can have the wanted temperature when you are home.

Air-quality devices tell you when the air has toxic chemicals, dust, or any other pollution. Because 2.5 microns (also known as PM2.5) particles can enter the lungs and cause health issues, an air quality device should detect this level. In order for you to be informed of any potential gasses and scents, they should also monitor VOCs. Detecting the air through these devices helps you to know when your environment is toxic and to do something about it, like opening the window or finding where these toxins and odors are coming from, so you can eliminate them.

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Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, these detectors most of the time come as a combination of both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but buyers were more satisfied when they purchased the devices separately. These detectors alarm you after they detect any smoke or carbon monoxide, even if you are not at the house. The new features can also trigger your connected lights to help wake your family and get you out of the house.

For keeping your kids and pets safe

Smart locks. It might be unsettling to consider that the older children may forget or lose their home key when they begin to come and go on their own. Kids can enter with a passcode that can be altered at any moment with smart locks. You can check who has entered and when using connected locks, as well as if the door is locked.

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Proximity sensors. You can use cell phones or other devices to get notifications when the kids arrive home from school if smart locks aren’t your thing. If configured properly, all of these devices, including the locks, may turn on lights, temperature controls, and any other smart devices in the house. As an alternative, if your home is smart, you may lock the doors from a distance, switch off the lights, and adjust the thermostat while no one is home.

Webcams can help you monitor your pets, children, or any family member to see if they are safe when you are away from home. Some new features of the webcam even allow giving pets a treat or speaking.

Article contributed by Inna Atwood and edited by the Active Age. Inna works as a fitness coach & a part-time content writer. She loves reading and travelling. She is young and ambitious and does hope to share her knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn something new.

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