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The Chong Pang community effort in embracing digital literacy

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In an era where digital literacy is becoming increasingly important, seniors and residents of Chong Pang are taking a step forward. They are embracing the digital world with the help of Shopee, Chong Pang Grassroots Organisations (GROs), and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

A day of learning and fun

The community event – “Shopee Empowers Seniors” – saw seniors and their families diving into the world of online shopping. The event was graced by Mr. K Shanmugam, Grassroots Adviser to Chong Pang GROs, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law. He emphasised the importance of empowering seniors in the digital age.

Interactive stations were set up to educate participants on navigating digital transactions online, safely and securely. This initiative is part of the Digital for Life (DfL) movement, which aims to make digital services and technology more accessible to Singaporeans of all ages.

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Guidance and attractive perks

At the Shopee Learning Booths, seniors and their families received guidance on downloading the Shopee app, account registration, and performing seamless e-commerce purchases. To kickstart their e-commerce journeys, participants were provided with shopping vouchers.

In partnership with IMDA, Shopee has developed resources aligned with the Digital Skills for Life framework. This includes guidance on how to navigate the digital space and stay safe online.

Chua Kel Jin, Director of Shopee Singapore, acknowledged that while using apps and shopping online may seem easy for many, some seniors find it challenging. This event is part of Shopee’s effort to reach out to seniors, helping them enjoy the benefits and convenience of e-commerce.

Pictures credit to Shopee, Chong Pang Grassroots Organisations (GROs), and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)