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The Oval Partnership to Exhibit at Singapore Night Festival 2023

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The Oval Partnership will showcase an exhibition from 18 August to 1 October 2023 in Fort Canning Centre as part of the Singapore Night Festival 2023 activities.

Titled “Kampong Port Cities of the Pre-colonial Era”, the Exhibition is part of its Lost Cities series that explores pre-colonial urbanism in Asia from the sustainability perspective.

The exhibition is complementary to the Singapore Night Festival 2023’s theme of “Singapore, the Great Port City”, celebrates the city-state’s evolution from a humble port town to a dynamic metropolis.

The Kampong Port Cities of the Pre-colonial Era Exhibition is a journey into the Kampong Cities in 14th-century Southeast Asia, where knowledge was a key source of wealth, and trees commanded higher value than real estate properties. For centuries, it was the bustling marketplace of east-west trade.

Visitors to the Exhibition will be guided by the visionary female Kampong chief, Ms. Esah, on an enthralling adventure, to an ancient society that today still delivers meaningful lessons on how to move forward in the light of climate change, gender equality, and knowledge-based economy.

At the Exhibition, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich culture of Kampong. The pavilion features mesh walls inspired by the intricately woven bamboo walls of traditional kampong houses. Visitors can weave fabric trims into the tapestry walls at the pavilion, contributing to its evolving design.

The Exhibition is constructed of materials that minimise carbon footprint. The team focuses on local sourcing of reused materials such as salvaged timber. Partners in the Exhibition include universities, SMEs, non-profit associations, and individuals in the local communities.

For more information, visit the exhibition website at:

The Oval Partnership

Picture credit to The Oval Partnership