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The Top In-Demand Jobs for the Future

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After going through the lockdown and experiencing a dramatic change in our job dynamic, people are starting to wonder what jobs will be in-demand in the future.

This concern is based on the instability caused by the pandemic and the undeniable growth in the tech industry.

There are a few trends affecting the future of work:

  • Tech advances that have increased the demand for technical talent
  • The pandemic has increased the demand for healthcare workers
  • The retail and hospitality industry has experienced a momentaneous boost at the end of the lockdown

We’ve used information from reliable sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections Report and the Jobs of the Future Report conducted by Cognizant to come up with this data.

With that said, let’s get started. Below, you’ll find a list of the top in-demand jobs of the future. 

Data Detective

Data detectives perform big analyses on large data sets to find hidden nuggets and discover meaningful insights. According to Cognizant’s report, this is a highly in-demand career in the future of work. According to BLS, data scientists are part of the computer and information research branch, estimated to have a 33 percent increase in demand from 2020 to 2030.

Machine Learning 

Machine learning, a sub-field of computer and information research, will be highly in-demand in the next decade. The role of machine learning is to program computers to learn and perform human-like tasks without supervision. 

Machine learning is used in most industries to automate tasks and improve research. Machine learning is everywhere, from TikTok’s search algorithm that learns from your interests, drug development to conduct research, and finances to improve statistical processes. 

Financial Analyst 

Financial Analysts research investment opportunities to help businesses and individual clients make better investment decisions. It could be insurance, stock, or business investments. Cognizant’s report estimates that the demand for financial coaches is expected to increase because of the growth of tech finance. 

Augmented Reality Developers

Augmented reality developers design, develop, and implement AR programs. Augmented reality, unlike VR, combines the digital experience with reality. A great example of this is Pokemon Go, which went viral a few years ago. 

This technology is being used in almost every industry for prototyping and enhancing entertainment experiences. IKEA launched a mobile app that allows you to see how your furniture would look in your home before buying it. Not only does it improve the customer experience, but it also reduces costs from product refunds. Users feel more comfortable when buying their products. 

This increase in the use of AR technology has also made AR developers more in-demand, which is why they’re some of the highest careers in Cognizant’s list of in-demand jobs of the future. 

Fitness Counselor

Let’s be real – the lockdown made us all gain a few pounds. Almost everyone got into this situation with food delivery, free time, and lack of exercise. Once the lockdown was over, fitness counselors became more in-demand. Cognizant’s report estimates that this profession grew in demand by 28 percent in Q1 of 2021. 

Wind Turbine Installers

Wind Turbine installers have one of the highest job outlooks in the entire BLS data. While they still don’t have a six-figure salary, they will experience an increase in demand of up to 68 percent, significantly higher than the national job outlook of all other occupations. The role of wind turbine installers is to set up and maintain wind turbines used to provide clean energy.


Epidemiologists work behind the curtain to keep us safe from pandemic outbreaks caused by new illnesses. Their role is to conduct research and keep track of the development of new diseases to prevent them from spreading across the globe. After the pandemic, the demand for epidemiologists has increased up to 30 percent

It is almost impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy what jobs will be more in-demand than others. Situations like the pandemic can trigger decisions that were certainly not on our radar before. However, statistics from BLS or other relevant sources can give us an idea of how the future will look.

Article contributed by María Elena González. She is a writer at Career Karma, where she covers higher education, coding bootcamps, and technology. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Universidad del Zulia, María started working as a writer, journalist, video editor, and digital marketer. Working primarily in tech-related niches, she also contributed financial articles to Entrepreneur. 

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