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Travel Smart With 7 Essential Car Gadgets

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Traveling in cars for long hours can be a tedious task. However, that experience can be made more enjoyable and convenient with the installation of smart car gadgets. There are many useful car gadgets that can be installed efficiently in vehicles. These gadgets can enhance the ride and upgrade the travel experience by making it smoother, safer, entertaining, and comfortable.

The best part about installing car gadgets is that you can enjoy the latest innovations and luxuries and add a touch of modern technology without the requirement of buying a brand new car. We have listed down some of the best and coolest car gadgets that you must have. However, while preparing for your memorable road trip, don’t forget to install a Nissan Xtrail roof rack on the car so that you have plenty of space to carry all the car gadgets and your luggage.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

Many times, people keep jumper cables in case their battery dies. However, if they cannot get a few volts, those jumper cables become useless. For peace of mind during a vehicle breakdown and improved security, a rechargeable device is the best gadget. The lightweight and ultra-portable NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is a lithium-ion battery jump starter. Its battery can jump-start up to 20 times just with a single charge. Moreover, this gadget’s features include reverse polarity protection, and an ultra-bright LED flashlight that becomes helpful while changing tires or fixing engines at night.

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LuminAID Solar Lantern

It is good to carry a light to avoid any complications on a vehicle breakdown at night. The LuminAID lanterns are the perfect light devices as they are simple, solar-rechargeable, and inflates to spread light- just like a lantern. It is lightweight and designed to make it very easy to hang, carry, or place. The solar lanterns in an instant illumination device in times of emergencies. LuminAID lanterns feature a storage life of 2 years in the solar battery and are 100% dustproof and waterproof.

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

Even though we all know that speeding up is against the law and is highly dangerous, many of us tend to speed up. Installing radar detectors can help prevent the risk of obtaining a hefty speeding ticket while traveling. The Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector can detect every radar signal- VG-2 or laser signals. It features LaserEye technology that provides both rear and front protection from every type of laser. Moreover, the detector also has a white OLED display with a signal meter for instant updates. The digital voice alerts can make announcements, and drivers can choose the muted driving mode feature too.

Cooluli mini-fridge electric cooler

With a mini-fridge in your car, forget about looking for a juice station on the road. A mini-fridge is essential to store beverages and keep them chilled. The Cooluli mini fridge electric cooler offers enough interior space. One can easily store up to 6 to 12 cans. Surprisingly, this mini fridge can also store hot snacks and meals as it also works as a food warmer. The cooler features a USB power bank and AC, DC power adapters, making it a highly efficient car gadget. 

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Ember temperature control smart mug

This smart mug is an essential gadget to maintain the temperature of beverages. You will no more miss the hot coffee you carry along from your home. The smart mug enables you to set the exact preferred temperature and maintains the given temperature for up to 1.5 hours. Furthermore, the gadget has an in-built battery and an auto-sleep function that automatically senses when to switch on and off. It can be easily cleaned too.

Garmin Speak Plus With Amazon Alexa

Older model vehicles lack the safety features of lane departure and collision detection. The Garmin dash cam offers alerts that can help avoid collision and accidental lane departures. Such a device can also record rides, and the footage can be used as evidence in case of accidents. Connecting it with the Garmin Speak app enables the use of Alexa, and the passengers can stream music on the go. The dashcam also offers digital assistance and turn-by-turn navigation commands.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

A crucial car gadget for people who use phones for navigation is the smartphone mount. This gadget is efficient-to-use for hands-free calls, to follow map navigations, and, most importantly, for wireless charging. The iOttie Wireless Car Charger is a versatile mount gadget and has QI wireless charging facilities in addition to air vent mount, windshield mount, and CD slot mount. One can also adjust the gadget with its telescopic arm and pivoting arm for efficient movement as per different angle adjustments.

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Technology has created so many remarkable car gadgets for smooth travel. Carry the essential car gadgets for your next road trip. You are sure to have an incredible and memorable journey with ease of maneuvering, traffic control, enhanced security, and the entertainment you require while traveling.

Article contributed by Rebecca Siggers . She is a passionate writer and guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills and understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing and sharing her knowledge mostly in the travel industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life and wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, She loves traveling and reading.

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