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What’s fun at Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

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Jealous of family and friends who are having fun in snowy countries during this festive season? Don’t let their social media posts bring your mood down, for Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is in town!

Located conveniently at the Bayfront Event Space, step into the iconic Ice Magic event and be transported to a land of freezing cold.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
Glacial art

It is amazing how seeing and feeling real snow can bring out the kids in adults.

Yet, a ‘thumbs up’ from an adult like me is not sufficient; what does an 11-year-old kid’s think of this year’s edition of Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland?

Chilling exhilaration

Two of my daring kiddo’s activities are undoubtedly the Snow Slope and the Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
Snow Slope

At 98 metres long, 7 metres wide, and 6.5 metres high, the Snow Slope is Singapore’s longest. With single and two-seater rubber tubes to choose from, it definitely got our adrenalin pumping as we glided down the slope.

Want another go? We had to drag the rubber tube from one end to the other extreme end of the space. It was tiring when we did it the sixth time, but the feel of the chilly air in our faces as we went down the slope was worth it. 

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

The Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide is the first of its kind in Singapore. Sliding off the top of the slide together, we raced to see who was faster. Of course, the kiddo would usually be. Being able to slide down together and feeling the cool wind through our hair made the ride so much more fun. I like to think of it as our little ‘mummy-child’ moment, though to the kiddo, the prospect of playing with real snow at the bottom of the slide was probably the highlight. We heard that this snow is created by the very same snow machines from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide

Chill out fun

When the kiddo needed to take a break from the exhilaration of the slope and slide, he would head to the Ice Rink, the 5-Lane Mini Ice Slide or the first-ever Merry-Go-Round on Ice.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
5-Lane Mini Ice Slide

For the boy who loves skidding around, the Ice Rink was like a dream come true. The little kiddo had no qualms running from one end of the 300sqm rink, and then sliding and skidding to the other end. There were also several ‘dolphin’ skating aids with seats parked at the side of the rink, so younger ones will be able to glide and turn on the ice freely and stably with confidence.

Ice Rink

The Mini Ice Slide is much shorter than the Double-Lane Couple Slide and is also suitable for younger kids. For the kiddo, this was more of a chill out activity for him.

The Merry-Go-Round on Ice, the first-ever such activity in Singapore, allowed one to sit back and enjoy being pulled. It was rather hidden behind the double-lane slide and I wished we had discovered it earlier.

Chilly arctic atmosphere

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland makes you feel like you’re transported to an Arctic world, with its igloos, icicles and glacial art of Singapore symbols such as the Merlion.

We were there at night. Imagine our surprise when the lights dimmed and we were transported to a romantic land of ice. Sliding down the double-lane slide together hand-in-hand in the arctic light was a different adventure.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

The Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland event is really a great activity to do during this festive season. Even if you just returned from a cold and snowy country, the slides and slopes at Ice Magic would be the reason to visit.

Was Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland worth the visit?


I fell a few times because it can get slippery. However, the bonding time with the kiddo, and the chance to relive my childhood going down a slide, made the two hours in the icy cold memorable.

Ticketing and more information about Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

How do I purchase the tickets? How much does it cost?

You can do so from:

Prices start from SGD 39 for adults. There are special weekday prices for children aged between 2 and 12 years old and senior citizens aged 60 and above.

*Subject to booking fees of SGD 1 to SGD 4 per ticket.

How long does the event run for?

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is open till 21 January 2024.

What are the opening hours? Can I go in at any time?

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is open from 10am to 7pm.

There are three sessions to choose from:

  • Session 1: 10am – 12.45pm
  • Session 2: 1pm – 3.45pm
  • Session 3: 4pm – 6.45pm

(with 15 mins cleaning and preparation time between each session)

*Registration will open 30 minutes before the start of each session, last entry will be allowed 1 hour before session concludes

Where is the event located exactly? How do I get there? Where can I park?

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is located at: Bayfront Event Space (beside Marina Bay Sands) – 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970.

The entrance faces the Bayfront open carpark.

Nearest MRT station: Marina Bayfront MRT (Exit E).

Nearest parking areas: Bayfront open carpark, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

How should I dress? Do I have to bring my own winter wear? Are there lockers?

Remember to dress warmly and in long pants.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
Jackets and boots are provided

Winter jackets and snow boots are provided. You might want to bring your own winter gloves and socks, although they can be purchased on-site. Those who bring their own winter jackets and snow boots will go through a designated lane and be able to skip the queues.

Yes, there are lockers available for use.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland

I will be famished after sliding and gliding at Ice Magic. Is there food available?

Yes! Right outside Ice Magic is the Winter Food Village & Arcade with twelve different food vendors, two vending machines, and a bar. There are also halal options.

The little kiddo used up so much energy that night that he wolfed down fried oreos and ice cream. The adjacent arcade was similarly irresistible and he headed there for some claw machine fun, where he won himself a soft toy of ‘Chopper’, a character from Japanese anime One Piece.

Article contributed by Winnie. She is an educator, former PR specialist and ex-journalist who enjoys going on adventures with her two kids. She shares about these adventures and gives English tips at

the Active Age was hosted by Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland during their media preview session.