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YouGov survey: Singapore consumers prefer human assistance over a chatbot

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41 percent of Singapore consumers expressed reluctance at using a chatbot over human assistance, according to a recent YouGov survey.

YouGov ran a survey in May 2023 with 1,097 participants to understand their preferences when interacting with chatbots, and receiving comparative human assistance.

Based on the findings, millennials were comfortable in sharing personal banking details while Gen Z consumers were most relaxed about sharing personal identification information such as email, name and number.

Amongst all the generations, baby boomers were the most reluctant to share any type of personal detail with chatbots.


When it comes to sharing personal information, email address is the most likely personal information that individuals are willing to share with a chatbot (at 39 percent), while credit card security number is the least likely information an individual would choose to do so, considering the likely risk in personal data security. 

Around a third are comfortable sharing details such as full name (36 percent) and phone number (32 percent), and a quarter are fine to part with date of birth details (26 percent). In comparison to this, Singapore consumers are less likely to share banking details such as credit or debit card number and bank account numbers (11 percent).


41 percent of consumers in Singapore were reluctant to choose a chatbot over human assistance for personal banking needs. A quarter (24 percent) were unsure of their decision, and almost three in ten (28 percent) shared that they are likely to choose a chatbot over human support.

Among the various banking services, a quarter of Singapore consumers (24 percent) tend to use chatbot services to check their balances and transaction history. The three areas where they have taken chatbot assistance are:

  • Simple transactions or payments (21 percent),
  • Getting branch details information (12 percent)
  • Rceiving notifications and reminders (12 percent)

Among those who do not use a personal banking chatbot, the top reason for not using one is not seeing a need to use one (28 percent), followed by a preference for human interaction (17 percent). 

Graphics credit to YouGov