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​2017 insights from IFA about technology trends

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We learn about technology trends to watch out for this year from IFA
The global telco, IT and consumer electronics market is estimated by GfK to be around USD 954B. Emerging regions such as Asia are driving the digital market. However, the main driver of the digital world is mobile connectivity. By 2018, there will be 1 phone for every 5 persons globally (GfK estimate of 1.55B smartphones to be sold in 2018).
Five key activities we are using the smartphone for include mobile payments (China leads the way with customers doing both instore mobile payments and instore mobile shopping), using VR, supporting the monitoring and use of smart home appliances, connecting with your car’s digital functions and using wearables for keeping tabs on an active lifestyle.
Mobile connectivity – encouraged by linking many smart devices – will sweep across many areas of our daily lives. The “always on” mentality will become a norm within the next few years.
Asian consumers to spend more on new consumer electronics
Content is king but the rules have changed. Content providers are looking to subscription revenue to reduce reliance on advertising. Customers pay to skip advertisements. On-demand and on-the-go viewing time increased alongside usage of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Smartphones have replaced wallets as the key must-bring item when leaving the home. For example, Indonesians are using their mobile devices to catch up on news (77 percent), search for information on the internet (82 percent), chat with friends on social media networks (such as Facebook; 89 percent), communicate through phone/SMS/IM (92 percent) and shop online (90 percent).
GfK forecast that there will be 160.5M wearables globally in 2017. Customers use these wearables to track their active lifestyle across steps, heart rate and other measurements.
The small domestic appliance (SDA) is adopting more innovations and smart technology with new products helping provide convenience for customers. The SDA market globally reached USD 60.5B, with Asia growing 8 percent. In Asia, China is leading demand for SDA.
Philips making health and care more personal
Population growth is happening alongside an increasing ageing population, and changes in personal healthcare preferences and practices. Philips is looking to localise solutions, working with governments and universities to introduce ways to address different scenarios.
Solutions, such as mobile apps uGrow and Femisphere, can help expecting and new parents through their journey. The app offers 24/7 support through a knowledge database, with frequent and key questions answered as well as connect with a caregiver.
Better nutrition, by eating healthy home-made food, is tackled by a combination of an app and using a Philips airfryer. The app provides recipes and cooking tips, nutritional information and personalised recommendations that you can use the airfryer to prepare. A new air-fryer will be launched at the IFA event in September this year.
A healthy mouth – gums, teeth, breath – can help contribute to overall good health. Philips looks to tackle the problem of bad mouth health, again, through a combination of an app and a smart toothbrush.
3D Audio technology with Sennheiser
Truly immersive sound is not about standards, pitch range or technology. Sennheiser is looking to engineer an immersive audio experience that blurs the line between reality and reproduced sound.
Sennheiser’s AMBEO solution brings in variables such as spatial factors including 360 degree surround sound, direction of the sound and height. This essentially captures the spatial characteristics of the environment. Applications of the solution can take place at sports events, live music concerts, gaming and augmented reality.
Samsung’s era of new TV
TV remains the window to the world and the centre of entertainment in the home. With UHD content and hardware, led by the new QLED TV, TV can be more personalised and offer a seamless connection between the TV and the customer’s life.
Samsung shares a glimpse into their version of the new TV era driven by a new TV product called The Frame. This vision includes TV-as-art-piece combined with a TV without cables and flush against a wall. The TV can serve a dual function as both a TV and a digital art piece (art mode) when switched off, lending a feel of being non-intrusive. At launch (estimated after June), Samsung will offer more than 100 pieces of artwork. The TV can also be customised to personal pictures and art as well.
IFA, Partner of the Future since 1924
IFA will be held in Berlin, Germany from 1 – 6 September. The event will cover the latest in consumer electronics including television, multimedia, domestic appliances, and smart devices. There will also be keynotes by global speakers about trends concerning consumer electronic insights. IFA Next will be set up in an arena including a forum, startup and exhibitions in one location. It will be used to showcase new innovations seperate from the main exhibition.
IFA 2017 will launch the IFA Global Markets at the Station Berlin from 3 – 6 September. This will be Europe’s largest sourcing show.
More information and registration can be done at their website, found at



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