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9 satisfying foods that can help you lose weight

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To help you lose weight naturally, we bring you an assortment of 9 foods that will fill you for a longer duration and help you lose weight.

We all have been on the weight-loss bandwagon at some point in our lives. However, very few people can enjoy sustained and healthy weight loss.

There is certainly no rocket science behind losing all that flab. You simply need to eat high-fiber foods rich in nutrition that keep you satiated for more extended periods.


Are you looking for plant-based food to lose weight? Avocados should be your go-to food. This green fruit is abundant in healthy fats that enable fat burning. Besides avocado’s high satiety value and its monounsaturated fats, the fruit helps to reduce insulin resistance. So folks enjoy this fruit that comprises healthy fats, fiber, and wholesome carbohydrates to lose weight naturally.


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An egg is the quintessential protein food—foods with protein help sustain muscle mass while you burn fat. Eating eggs makes you eat less later in the day. Besides being low in calories, eggs are full of healthy fats and essential nutrients. One large egg consists of only 78 calories. You can have a hearty meal consisting of about  2- 4 boiled eggs alongside veggies for just about 300 calories.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich food that reduces fat concentration. Brown rice’s magnesium content helps to lower blood sugar levels. This whole-grain food is a good option for weight loss, especially for diabetic people trying to lose weight. Moreover, brown rice is slow-digesting food and hence contributes to sustaining optimal insulin levels.

Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are carbohydrate-rich seeds that have garnered a lot of attention as potential superfood. This calcium-rich food is full of fiber and hence quite filling. Fiber-rich foods have long been associated with weight loss. A 2015 research study has substantiated this claim. Two tablespoons of Chia seeds offer about 10 grams of fiber. So, folks, dish out those insta-worthy Chia seed weight loss recipes and flaunt your trimmed waistlines!


Oats is a super grain that is packed with fiber and fills you up for extended periods.  Oats contain beta-glucan and predominantly proteins and fats, making you feel fuller for longer therein supporting weight loss. Oats are a wonderful source of resistant starch that digests slowly and releases digestive acids. These acids reduce appetite while speeding up weight loss.

Leafy Greens

You might have smirked as a child at the sight of spinach or kale on your plate. But, these humble greens are your magic weight-loss potions. Leafy greens are high in fiber and water content. This, in turn, helps to keep you satiated and leads to weight loss.


Salmon is a low-calorie protein food loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. These acids can fight inflammation that causes obesity and other metabolic disorders. Research studies have shown that the Omega 3 fats in Salmon can enable weight loss and reduce belly fat in obese individuals. So, treat yourselves to some savory Salmon steaks without worrying about the calories!

Lean Meats

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Are you a chicken lover but worried about the calories? Well, adding chicken to your daily meals can help you lose weight. Chicken is lean meat and hence low in saturated fats. Besides being a good protein source, chicken is loaded with phosphorus and serves as an immunity booster. However, you will need to do away with creamy curries and sauces and healthily cook chicken using herbs and a mix of spices.


Grapefruit is a popular choice among weight watchers, and many classical diets like the Scarsdale diet have propagated this pink citrus fruit in their diet menus. Having a grapefruit before your meals can help you feel satiated and make you eat fewer calories. Furthermore, grapefruit is abundant in fiber and water content and low in calories. These nuances make grapefruit the quintessential “weight-loss food.”

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