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A healthy eating lifestyle with a dash of airfryer

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We speak with Mr. Canice Koh, Marketing Manager of Philips Singapore about a healthy eating lifestyle and how the Philips Airfryer can help. 

Sam Chablani of Fat Lulu’s teamed up recently with Philips in November for a ‘live’ kitchen to launch the new Philips Viva Collection Airfryer. The three-man team demonstrated their talents by whipping up healthy meals, each comprising of just five ingredients using the Airfryer.

A limited-edition Philips Viva Collection Red Airfryer will be available exclusively at the Philips online shop, before its in-store release in December 2016.

We catch up with Philips Singapore to understand more about healthy cooking and how technology in the new airfryer can help us achieve those goals. 

the Active Age (AA): What is Philips’ perspective on helping families stay healthy through their kitchen equipment?

Canice Koh (CK): As consumers become more conscious of their individual lifestyle and needs, they seek healthy living solutions. This forms the basis of our kitchen appliances portfolio.

We introduce meaningful and revolutionary product innovation to enable consumers to develop healthier, tastier, and easier ways to enjoy homemade food in the comfort of their homes.

It simplifies the kitchen workflow process and empowers the consumer to take an active role in managing their living habits.

AA: Why is a healthy eating lifestyle important to Philips?

CK: The healthcare challenges we face today, such as ageing, sedentary lifestyles and the rise in chronic diseases, require a unique set of solutions and a more proactive approach to health. A healthy lifestyle sets the foundation for long-term health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

As a business, we are seeing a mindset shift away from illness and towards illness prevention through healthy living that starts at home. Consumers are more engaged in their personal health and recognize the value of living not just a long but also, quality life.

AA: What is unique about the new Airfryer that families can rely on it to cook healthier food?

CK: The first Philips Airfryer was a runaway success with over 2 million units sold globally. Through innovation, families are able to cook up healthier meals at home for the family with greater efficiency and convenience.

With the launch of the new Philips Viva Collection Airfryer, we have built on its predecessor’s award-winning design and innovation, introducing a new and patented TurboStar technology that eliminates the need for preheating and cooks food up to 50 percent more evenly while being 20 percent more compact.

AA: Can you walk us through the specific technology or process the Airfryer uses to help reduce unhealthy components of the cooking process?

CK: The Airfryer uses Philips’ unique and patented TurboStar technology that revolutionises the way we fry food. It generates superheated air that circulates and ensures food is cooked thoroughly. In addition, direct heat from above ensures that food finishes brown and crispy. This reduces the reliance on oil for frying and provides a safe, easy and healthy way to enjoy a favourite meals with less fat.

AA: The Airfryer doesn’t fry but uses superheated air to cook the food item thoroughly. Can you share the top 3 benefits this has over traditional deep frying methods?

CK: The Airfryer uses minimal oil to fry your food, as compared to deep frying where the food has to be immersed into hot oil. This makes food prepared using the Airfryer, much healthier. The Philips Viva Collection Airfyer can fry food with up to 80 percent less fat as compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional Philips fryer.

Secondly, all cooking is done within the Airfryer itself, which is specially designed to contain smell and mess in the kitchen. You won’t have to worry about sputtering or oily floors or walls.

Finally, traditional deep frying requires constant monitoring and cooking of food in batches to ensure that it is cooked and evenly fried. The Airfryer eliminates this hassle with a simple interface that you can set and forget, you will only need to put in the food and check back 30 minutes later. Additionally, Philips TurboStar technology uses superheated air to ensure crispy and evenly-cooked food, even if the food is piled up.

We share two recipes – Asian Roasted Chicken Wings and Brownies – from Philips using the airfyer.



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