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Improving Your Hearing is Easier With the Right Tech

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This wellness series on hearing loss is brought to you by nessa™. To learn more about nessa™ and their unique and affordable hearing aid services, visit their website at

If you can take a moment to imagine yourself having to deal with hearing loss; what would be going through your mind? Will the solution be expensive? Will the experience be painful? Will the solution be worth it just to get back a semblance of normal life?

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’d be right – many who are afflicted by hearing loss will often have the same questions. Hearing loss is not a life-threatening condition, and some may be tempted to deal with it like a minor inconvenience, and live with it.

However, not taking action might make it worse. Furthermore, why do you need to put up with it? Just think about it. If you have myopia, chances are you will get a pair of spectacles without too much thought.

Above all, proper treatment of hearing loss improves the quality of life, enabling you to live as you would have, had your hearing been intact. No longer do you need to live with a communication barrier between your beloved friends and family. Wouldn’t that be something that you’ll look forward to?

Sometimes it’s about perspective, and nessa understands the user’s concerns. By addressing their most pressing ones, people affected by hearing loss will be encouraged to take that step forward. Here’s how.

Not sure what you need? Don’t worry

If you are new to hearing aids, you might be unsure about what you need. Not a problem. nessa’s packages are designed with the user’s needs in mind first. It’s structured like a mobile phone plan, so you pay a monthly subscription that covers all the essentials like unlimited support, free batteries and perks like an extended 36-month warranty that also covers loss and theft. This means you can get a hearing aid for a reasonable monthly fee and not have to worry about additional costs.

Product shot of the Nessa Asia hearing aid

Convenience through technology

At the heart of nessa’s solutions are hearing aids from ReSound, which are made in Denmark and have been co-designed with Apple to work with iOS devices such as the iPhone. As the mobile phone is now a key part of our lifestyle, controlling any device through your phone becomes second nature. Likewise, you can easily adjust the volume or change settings on your hearing aid through your mobile phone (Android users will need to download an app). Walking from the library to a noisy hawker centre? Simply select the appropriate environmental preset on your phone for optimum clarity.

Getting help is easy

nessa offers follow-up services that are easily accessible by any user, regardless of whether you are tech savvy or not. If you have any queries or need some tuning done, or something about your hearing aid just doesn’t feel right, nessa’s support team of audiologists and advisors are easily reachable seven days a week from 9 am to 10 pm. Feel free to contact them through your preferred method of communication, be it via telephone, email, Live Chat, SMS or WhatsApp.

Importance of the human element

One reason why nessa makes itself so contactable is that they don’t want their users to feel alone in trying to adapt to their hearing aid – their Audiologists and Hearing & Lifestyle Advisors will make themselves available to guide you through every step of the way. They also make it a point to arrange face-to-face appointments for fitting at your home to ensure that you are perfectly at home with the device you are wearing.


It’s better at wherever you are

Tuning your hearing aid doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Nessa uses technology that allows them to carry out remote adjustments and tuning of hearing aids wherever you are, saving you a trip to the audiologist. Furthermore, if you need to tune your hearing aid specifically for say, boardroom meetings, where better to calibrate it than in the actual boardroom for best results.

Made for TV, made for family

Nessa’s hearing aids integrates the hearing aid with other tech devices to maximise the listening experience of activities like watching TV or videos. nessa will also provide a free TV streamer so you can watch TV along with your family because you can set your volume independently. Just one of the ways to make sure you can still bond with your family over your favourite television shows.

Customer satisfaction first

If you are unconvinced, then it doesn’t hurt to know that nessa boasts more than 95% satisfaction in their customer support. But more importantly, they offer a no-obligation, free hearing test – which you can sign up here – as well as a 30-day commitment-free trial so that you can find out firsthand if their services are to your expectations. If you have been putting off getting a hearing aid, perhaps you should reconsider now? Call nessa at +65 6817 3295 to find out more.



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