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Audio House Incentivises You to Go Cashless

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Online shopping is the way to go these days, but sometimes you’d prefer to be able to see what you’re buying. For now, at least, brick and mortar stores are still part and parcel of our lives. However, stores like Audio House aren’t standing still and have been quite inventive.

Audio House is now Singapore’s first-ever completely cashless electronics showroom: every item there has a QR code that will lead you to the online portal where you can conveniently make your purchases and delivery arrangements. The only downside is that for those who don’t have an appropriate e-payment facility, you’ll need to change money for e-vouchers on site. But for most of us at least it’s not an issue. The main reason for this change was to streamline how they manage their inventory – they can now get information on stock availability and promotions in real time, which benefits both their staff as well as customers.


But convenience aside, what will interest you is that so long as you can prove that a local competitor (online or offline) is offering a lower price, Audio House will match that price. And that’s not all.

What everyone gets, is S$20 cashback for every S$100 spent at Audio House. Subsequently, for every S$100 that you spend, you can choose to offset your purchase with your S$20 cashback voucher, or you can claim more vouchers – but not both. Effectively, this means it’s possible to get up to 20 percent off your purchases. It’s a fair bit of discount if you are able to find the right deals.


For example, the recommended retail price of a Philips 49PUT5801 TV is S$1,099, but Audio House prices it at S$698 (or lower if you can prove to them that someone else is selling it cheaper). You’ll receive S$120 cashback in the form of six S$20 vouchers, which you can use to offset S$20 with every S$100 spent.

dysonSo let’s say a few days later you spot that Dyson AM07 Tower Fan you’ve always wanted. It typically retails for S$779, but Audio House is pricing it at S$485. So if you buy it, you can either receive another S$80 cashback in the form of six S$20 vouchers, bringing your total to S$200 or use four vouchers to offset the purchase and pay only S$405, saving S$80 and leaving you with S$40 in vouchers as well. The vouchers have no expiry date, so there’s no pressure to buy stuff before the vouchers expire.

In addition, from now until 20th November 2017, new signups at will receive a free S$100 voucher credited to their account – definitely worth a look, especially if you’re already going to purchase some new electronics for the house.



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