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Can compression leggings help with feet swelling and pain?

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Did you know that women are more prone to edema (fluid retention) than men, due to differences in muscle strength and hormone secretion?

The venous return power (rate of blood flow back to the heart) of most women is lower than that of men. This can lead to women feeling more fatigue and soreness in their legs, especially if they sit or stand all day or wear uncomfortable footwear like high heels.

In Singapore, we have some of the fastest walkers in the world, and many of us spend the entire day on our feet at work. Even office workers spend more time walking than they might think, rushing from MRT stations to offices and everywhere in between their busy schedules.

These lifestyle factors can lead to long-term issues in our legs and feet, including swelling and pain.

Enter compression leggings.

This lifestyle product has been an open secret with women in East Asian countries like China and Japan for years and is now starting to make waves in Southeast Asia.

We discussed compression leggings, feet swelling and feet pain with Ms. Youlan Jin from PIP Co., Ltd., the company that makes SLIMWALK leggings.

the Active Age (AA): What are compression leggings?

Ms. Youlan Jin (YJ): Compression leggings are tight-fitting garments that apply gentle pressure to the leg muscles, improving blood circulation and providing various benefits.

They are designed to reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and fluid build-up, as well as to increase blood flow, oxygen delivery to the muscles, and overall muscle support.

Additionally, they can minimise delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), reduce friction, and provide superior support during physical activities.

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AA: What type of health benefit do they confer on the customer?

YJ: Compression leggings offer several benefits, including improved muscle support and recovery, enhanced blood flow, reduced muscle soreness, and minimised delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

They also provide greater comfort, help improve balance, and can aid in managing various ailments like circulation issues.

Additionally, compression leggings are known to enhance performance, increase endurance, and minimise muscle trauma by acting as a shock absorber.

Furthermore, they can help keep the muscles warm and reduce friction during physical activities, leading to an overall improvement in athletic performance and recovery.

AA: How do compression leggings work?

YJ: Compression leggings work by applying gentle pressure to the leg muscles, which has several effects on the body. This pressure improves blood circulation, reduces fluid buildup, and helps remove enzymes that cause muscle soreness, leading to improved muscle support and faster recovery.

Additionally, compression leggings can increase the amount of oxygen your muscles receive, acting as a shock absorber to reduce muscle trauma, and improve balance by stimulating the body’s sensory receptors.

They also provide greater comfort and flexibility, making them beneficial for various physical activities and workouts.

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AA: What do Slimwalk compression leggings do better than normal leggings?

YJ: Slimwalk compression leggings are built on 25 years of Japanese design experience and quality, and offer several benefits over normal leggings.

Our product range has five series and over 30 variations, ensuring a fit for every health and beauty need – from encouraging fat-burning to shaping your body during exercise.

There are also compression leggings that are specially designed to be used during sleep to relieve the strain from sitting and standing for long periods during the day.

The leggings are science-based, and built on data from tens of thousands of real users, resulting in precise and reliable body-shaping technology.

Some unique features include:

  • A unique “four stage pressure design” that pressurises the legs evenly, promote the return of blood from the bottom of the body, and removes excess fluids.
  • A “high pressure design” at the arch of the foot, stimulating the soles of the feet and relaxes them.
  • A “hip-lifting design” around the hips, shaping a good-looking figure

Additional features in the Sports series include UV protection, and the use of sports-qualified materials – antibacterial and deodorant fibres that are sweat-absorbing and quick-drying.

Slimwalk compression leggings are tailored to provide health, beauty, and performance benefits, making them a popular choice for women seeking both style and functionality.

Compression leggings

AA: Can you explain what the “Four stage pressure design” is?

YJ: Slimwalk’s “four stage pressure design” is a feature of our compression leggings that involves a progressive pressure gradient from the ankle to the thigh.

The pressure gradually decreases from the ankle to the thigh, promoting the contraction of leg muscles and improving blood circulation in the legs. This design also has the ability to expel excess fluid accumulated in the legs, improving edema and relieving fatigue.

The four-stage pressure design is intended to provide all-round compression and promote the health and beauty benefits of the leggings, making them suitable for various occasions, including daily wear, sleepwear, and workout wear.

AA: Is there any research that Slimwalk leggings can also help women achieve slimmer legs? 

AJ: Slimwalk leggings are trusted and recommended by doctors. In particular, the “forDaytime” and “forRelaxtime” Series are recommended by 99% of doctors in a survey conducted by AskDoctors, Japan’s largest site for medical professionals with 300,000 physician members.

Pictures credit to Slimwalk