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CooperVision leads successful 3rd Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium

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The 3rd Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium, a flagship event for CooperVision, gathered more than 2,000 eye care experts in-person and virtually across the globe to participate.

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium featured discussions about the growing prevalence of myopia, emerging interventions for the disease management, and best practices in myopia care.

These discussions seek to pave the way forward in establishing myopia management as the standard of care, both within Asia and beyond.

Prominent eye care leaders including Dr. Lin Pi Jung, President, Universal Eye Center, Dr. Wu Pei Chang, Director, Myopia Treatment and Prevention Center and Professor, Chang Gun Memorial University as well as Ms. Kathy Park, President, CooperVision Asia Pacific articulated a shared vision to construct a myopia-resilient future encompassing the exploration of new interventions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.


The symposium featured speakers and moderators from leading eye care organisations and institutions across the globe.

In session one, “Reframing Myopia: A Disease Demanding Urgent Treatment” panellists discussed global trends surrounding myopia management, the evolution of myopia treatment in children, and myopia development in childhood, including risks and protective factors.

Session Two was about “Empowering Myopia Control: Leveraging Technology, Research, and Real-World Evidence”, where panellists discussed advancements in myopia management, real-world insights on managing the disease, and the importance of customized treatments to meet patient needs. It highlighted the role of technology and research in shaping the trajectory of myopia care and explored strategies to empower effective myopia management.


The third and final session of the event titled “Building a Future-Proof Practice with Myopia Management” saw panellists discuss preventive therapies and patient-centric approaches in myopia management, and the importance of setting the gold standard in myopia care. It provided strategies for creating a future-proof practice that adheres to the highest standards in the ever-evolving myopia management landscape.

Through the Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium, CooperVision leads discussions on myopia, best practices within its management, and clinical insights that can advance the care and treatment of the disease.

Pictures credit to CooperVision.